We Survived!

Last Thursday (Aug 25th) Trinity had her tonsils and adenoids removed.  I’m proud to say that we (her parents) survived!  We made it through the whole hospital routinely, looking calm, cool and collected.  Not a tear shed from this mama….even though it was close!  My husband said he was freaking out on the inside.  I wasn’t freaking out, I was more of feeling horrible that my baby had to get put under and would be in so much pain when she woke up.  By the end of the first hour in recovery the nurse was joking that she really didn’t have surgery because she was acting totally normal.

Her surgery was literally 20mins.  We were told an hour… so we were gonna run off and get something to eat but sat down and was updating our parents and such and next thing we know we were being calling in for consultation with her ENT.  We got to go back to Recovery and she was up taking sips of water, then went back to sleep for about 30mins then woke up demanding popsicles because her doc told her she could have as many as she wanted and she took full advantage of that LOL!

We got home and it was a challenge to get her to lay down, she wanted to up and moving and playing.  When 5pm came around and it was time to break out the meds I smelled to see what flavor they gave her and they didn’t flavor it.  It smelled like straight rubbing alcohol so I was like “YAY! This is going to be fun!”  She refused them.  I hid it in some super koolaid slushy thing I made her.  By 7pm she was laying in bed with me and we fell asleep.  She woke up at 9pm screaming so I get her meds again and she’s refusing so my husband held her while I just squirted in her mouth and made her swallow. From that point on she was crying every 30mins because she wouldn’t drink so her throat was drying out.  It was a miserable night.  2am we tried to make her take the meds again but she was so upset and made herself throw up so I gave up.  It wasn’t worth the battle anymore to me.

The next day around lunch time she asked if she could have the “red medicine” which is just good ole tylonal.  I happily gave it to her and she took it happily.  Then after it kicked in she was willing to eat some ice cream. That was the last time she wanted medicine.  She is handling the pain well though.  The second night she only woke up once and it was a quick one that she climbed in my bed and went back to sleep.  Now here we are Monday and she’s asking for Mac N Cheese for dinner so at least she’s getting her appetite back. We’ve all been eating her soft food/liquid diet with her.  I’m not going to lie, I would do anything for a big juicy cheese burger right now lol.

I just ask for continued prayers for her quick healing.  She’s laying around a good portion of the day which is totally fine with me.  I just want my baby to be better.


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