Who Doesn’t Like Cake?

Well between the past 3 weeks we have celebrated my mom and my husbands birthdays.  Tomorrow we are celebrating my dads as well.  I made them all their own special “edible” gift this year.  My mom saw my mother-in-laws fruit arrangement I made her back in July and pretty much demanded (with some jealousy in her voice) that she has one as well.  I have pictures on my blog The Perfect Present!.

So first was my mom’s birthday and for whatever I reason I really didn’t get good pictures of this gift by itself so here it is with my daughter 🙂  We also got her flowers since her anniversary was the day before.

Next we celebrated my husband’s 36th.   Now he’s a picky one to shop for.   He doesn’t want much and what he wants he just gets himself… never filling me in on things he would like to have.  He also doesn’t have a sweet tooth.  He doesn’t care for cake so I decided to make him a cake out of the few “junk” food things that he enjoys.


Last but not least (because my brother-in-law is turning 15 next week!) we have my dads gift.  Now when I made my mom her fruit arrangement he looked at me and with his sarcastic self said “You better not make me no stinkin’ fruit arrangement for my birthday!”  I just laughed and said I know!   Rather a “cake” made from his favorite candy including the original 1928 double bubble gum and ring pops because my kids will be spending the day and want to devour it LOL!



Now if I could just start doing this for a living that would be fantastic!  I love making these things!


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