Every Way I Turn

Cancer has affected everyone in some way or another.  I lost my friend when I was just 20 to cancer.  She had a tumor that doubled in size every 72 hours.  My uncle was diagnosed and passed within a few weeks when I just turned 19. My paternal grandmother has had breast cancer 3 times now.  A very special woman in my life has survived cancer in the recent years.  One of my close friends husband is now in remission. My Aunt just finished her last round of chemo for colon cancer last week.  My husband grandma is going through it currently and then I got more news yesterday.

I took my girls over to my moms house and when we got there she was across the street at Ms Katie’s house talking to her and rather than finishing up and coming over she kept talking.  The dog ran over to me and I took the dog and the girls across to the street to say hello and Ms Katie was crying and asking my girls for hugs.  She told me she had a lump removed from her neck 2 weeks ago and found out just then that she has cancer and will be doing chemo and radiation right away.  I wanted to cry right there on the spot.

Ms. Katie was my neighbor from the time I was 3, she’s an older woman in her 70’s.  She lost the last of her siblings last year and her only living relatives are her nephew who is blind and her niece who has leukemia.  She cares for both of them, taking them to all their appointments and such.  She has nobody to care for her.  I wish I lived closer so I could be there to help her more.  I know my mom will help as much as she can though.  She asked that we add her to our prayer chain at church but I thought I would put it out here in cyber space as well.  Anyone who reads this would pray for Ms Katie.  She needs it!

I feel as though every time I turn around someone in my life is being diagnosed with cancer. I don’t know many details about my husbands grandma because she’s a very private person and isn’t handing them out.  She said she didn’t want us to worry about her  or her being in any pain which gave me an unsettling feeling that she’s come to terms with everything and it may be worse than what anyone knows.  They removed a large tumor last month and she has another surgery in a couple weeks.   My husband hasn’t lost any grandparents yet, so I’m sure when that time comes it won’t be easy by any means.



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