My Fears are Confirmed

So about a month ago I started noticing my 3yr old daughter, Trinity, not acting like her normal self.  Over the past month her behavior has become somewhat violent.  She’s super irritable and she chews on anything and everything but she will hardly eat anything. So I called her pediatrician to schedule her an appointment.  They got her in the next day and tested her iron levels and took a look at her ears and mouth/throat.  Her tonsils looked enlarged so she ordered an x-ray of her neck.

I took her to the local Children’s Hospital for the x-ray on a Saturday and called Tuesday morning for the results.  I was told she had enlarged tonsils and adenoids and was given a referral to an Ears, Nose, Throat specialist. Now thankfully the office they referred us to has the doctor I really wanted her to see.  He is an awesome ENT specialist that we have had previous experience with our other daughter.

This past Monday our ENT appointment had arrived and I took my Trinity first thing in the morning.   While waiting for the doc I was answering questions for the nurse and mentioned we had an x-ray done already and she popped her head up and in a surprised tone replied “Oh you did an x-ray already?!”  I simple replied with “Yes, that’s why we were referred here”.   The doc was also surprised that we had the x-ray.  He said our doctor was really ontop of it, because he would have ordered one so this saved us a trip.

So the results of everything has ended with Trinity needs surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids.   This should take care of her eating problems as well as the irritability and violent behavior she’s been having.  So after I was done watching a movie about the surgery and that process I was taken to another waiting area where I sat until a another secretary came and got me to set up surgery.  So we have surgery schedule for next week (Yes, THAT fast!) and pretesting is tomorrow.

In the midst of trying to not freak out that my baby is going to be put under and in so much pain for a good 2 weeks I’ve been trying to plan and make my lists of everything we’ll need.  Now having kids that are just under a year apart I thought it best to keep my other daughter busy the first week so Trinity can rest peacefully and have my full attention.  So I booked her for the that whole week with only being home all day for 1 of the days. Her schedule will go like this:

Thursday (surgery day) Grandma
Friday – Grandma in afternoon
Saturday – MawMaw (my mother-in-law)
Sunday – church with Daddy than Grandma & Papa will get her
Monday – Home
Tuesday- Grandma
Wednesday – Uncle Billy (my brother)
Thursday – Aunt Naomi

Now all I need to do is to finish making my shopping list so I can go get everything needed for her recovery and put together her little hospital bag and wash her favorite dolly (18in stuffed Jasmine) so she can take it to surgery with her.




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