I Wanna be THIS Woman

So for the past couple weeks I’ve been having the Proverbs 31 woman verses scrolling through my head.  Today I decided that if I were to ever get my own home office and/or my girls bedroom when my girls get older  I would love to decorate it with Proverbs 31 Scripture and quotes that tie into that like the ones I’ve listed below…



So what got me on this topic?  My husband and I always pray for our daughters.  I pray that I can be a Godly example for them as they grow up.  I don’t want them focused on their looks and clothing ect.  I want them to grow up wanting to be the Proverbs 31 women. I want them to know their worth.  I’m already starting them with positive music choices.  I mean they listen to their “Baby Jesus” music as they call it, but Trin asks to listen to “mommy’s music”.  This is her favorite song, she says “I want to listen to MY song”


I have them listening to a lot of King & Country because they focus on womans worth with their music and are striving to show bring back shivery for men.  I love the message they bring and the positive influence they have on the next generation.   This is my favorite song of theirs currently.



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