Last night my husband got a phone call.  I heard him saying he called his grandma last week to check on her and asked her to call back but she never did.  After he got off the phone I asked what that was about.  He let me know that his Grandma’s cancer is pretty far along and she doesn’t want anyone to worry about her, she doesn’t want anyone to worry about her being in any pain and that she has a couple surgeries coming up.

Grandma is a very private person, we’re not even allowed to post pictures on social media if she is in them.  She didn’t willingly give up what stage the cancer is in or anything so my father-in-law didn’t press her for that information.  We just know it’s worse than what she’s letting anyone know, even Grandpa…

Now my husband is doing fine, because his dad is ok because his grandma is calm, cool and collected.  I know this woman is as brave as brave can get.  She is that Grandma that you do not to act up around because she’ll put you in your place and even as an adult you still fear her wrath lol.  I just personally think she’s at a place in her life where she’s saying “Ok Lord, what’s the plan?”.

I’m very fearful of this situation which concerns my husband.  I’ve lost both of my moms parents, who my husbands grandparents remind so much of.  Cancer like millions of others has affected my family.  My Uncle was diagnosed and he didn’t take phone calls or visitors and was gone 3 weeks later.  I am so fearful that Grandma is going to go home sooner than later.  I mean if that’s the case then at least she’ll be pain free in her glorified body and we know we’ll see her again.  However, the loss that she’ll leave would be huge.  She is Grandpas life, and I’ve watched a grandparent lose their life partner and that was one of the hardest times of my life and the thought that someone else that is so precious to me will face that pain is just breaking my heart.

I never thought I’d get over the loss of my grandparents.  I never thought I’d ever have 2 people so amazing fill that void in my life, but my husbands grandparents do.  I know it’s probably a generation thing but the way they talk, and joke and even mannerisms are the same as my grandparents.   I’ve been very blessed to have them in my life for so long.  I just ask that whoever reads this prays for Grandma and Grandpa with us.  For strength, healing and God’s Will to be done.



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