Update…Incase You Cared

So I know haven’t really been posting much lately, our life has been more hectic than normal trying to give our girls a fun summer , then everyone getting sick and trying to go back to having fun as much as possible.

So my inlaws bought this huge inflatable double water slide, bounce house, wading pool thing for the girls to play on for the warm months.  It’s pretty cool and I have to admit at the beginning of June I was at Sams Club drooling over this thing thinking I wish I had the $400 to spend on it because the girls would love and low and behold on July 4th we we’re surprised with it!  So we’ve been trying to spend at least 1 day a week over there while we spend another day at the local zoo.

So my 3.5yr has been chewing on everything lately.  We took her to the doc today thinking it was a problem with her iron levels, but they were normal.   The doc did order an xray because her tonsils are enlarged so now we have to go get a neck xray and then see the ENT to see what he has to say about all this.

My husbands Grandma had exploratory surgery this week and they ended up removing a large cancerous tumor and her bladder, so my husband just found out last night and told me this morning.  It’s so hard to see him teary eyed, to see the vulnerable side to him.  He is going to be 36next month and still has both sets of grandparents and they are all close.  His family is a very tight nit and I love that. Well, except his 1 grandpa because he was never married to his grandma, and he lives about an hour away but he still drives up to see everyone at least once a month. Anyways back to Grandma B.  She will be starting chemo because the cancer is spreading.  So we ask you say a prayer for her as chemo is rough on anyone but especially when your around 80yrs old.  She is such a very important role in the  family and losing her would be a great loss but we know she will be rejoicing in Heaven with her Savior and family that has passed on before her.


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