Behind the Song

This past Monday on July 4th, I was like most people in the kitchen prepping all the food for the family BBQ.  When my husband walked in the kitchen crying.  My initial thought was OMG who died!  My husband is not an emotional person, so something major has to be going on for him to even get teary let alone full on crying (which actually I’ve never seen until this week).  He tried to talk and lost it again.  I was so worried his grandpa passed away (which would be more painful since we celebrate his Birthday on July 4th every year).

As he pulled himself together he said ” I don’t cry at sports”  which lost me for a second and then I remembered our Cleveland Cavaliers just  recently broke our 52yr Cleveland Curse.  He asked me if I knew the story behind our great national anthem.  I told him I’ve heard before but it’s been awhile so I can’t actually recall.  He started sharing with me the story behind the song, and it took awhile because he was crying so hard.  So I posted the link to the video that tells the story below, grab a tissue!

If you don’t know this story, you need to watch this.  Especially with all the shootings that are taking place.  ALL lives matter.  We only have the freedom we have because of the men who died protecting our flag to keep it raised so Boston wouldn’t be invaded.  I’m proud to be my husbands wife.  I’m so proud that I have a man who is truly proud to be an American.  Who understands the ultimate sacrifice that has been made for our freedom.  Who doesn’t take this freedom lightly.  Who thanks every Veteran he see’s for his service and tears up while doing so.  People my age along with the “Millennial”  generation just don’t understand, they take things for granted.  I know my kids will be raised to honor the flag, appreciate their freedom and know the sacrifices made for them.



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