55.4% Savings!

So tonight after  Isaiah got home from work I went ahead and ran to do my grocery shopping today so I wouldn’t have to worry about it tomorrow.  I was so excited because I scored chicken legs for $.69/lb and was like “YES!” that is a good deal.  That and I managed to get a whole cart load of groceries for only $60 which is a win in itself.  After leaving Aldi’s (because that’s my go to store for basically everything) I decided to head over to a local grocery store we have around here for a 2-day sale they had.

So I get to the next store and I’m so excited to get my ground turkey buy 1 get 2 free!!!  SCORE!  Right?

Sidenote – my life has come to a point that as a mom and wife who has a strict grocery budget I get super excited for awesome deals lol.

While heading back to the meat department for my ground turkey (which sadly was limit 6) I saw that all the amish vegetable only fed chicken they sell was marked down on “manager sale” which is basically a quick sale because it’s at the sell by date.  So I scored sooooo much chicken, even got some steak and a roast. I bought pretty much all the chicken they had that was reduced lol.  People looked at me kinda crazy because when I saw that the chicken was marked down to $.99/lb I said louder than I thought “Thank you Jesus!”  as I was loading up my entire cart.  I even got to the check out and the manager coming on duty asked how my day was going and if I found everything and I was told my day is going amazingly because of all the great meat sales I got.  She looked confused  and saw all my chicken being bagged and was like “I didn’t know about all this!”  You could tell she was taking a mental note to go back there and check.

So when I got home and got the grocery’s up the first flight of stairs (because our house was built on a hill we have a good 25 steps just to get to the porch and then we will on the 2nd story of the house) I went ahead and pulled the car around to the back where we park.  My husband came down and started carrying them the rest of the way up into the apartment.  I kept apologizing and he looked at me funny and asked why I apologizing.  I told him before I left he told me not to go crazy buying a ton of stuff to carry up the stairs because its soooooo hot out today.  He just looked at me crazy and was like you know what I meant if you get a deal that’s a different story.  Knowing that I can’t resist a great deal especially when I’m 1/2 way through my budget month and I still have 2/3rd of my budget left for 2 weeks.

So after I got home and realized that I forgot 2 key things for my youngest daughter I went ahead and put the groceries away with the help from my 4yr old.  Then as I was going through putting all the meat away I writing down my tally of what I got and how many pounds and for what price and what the original price per pound was.  This is where I get really OCD with making a list and organizing it. My final tally was I purchased 49.5lbs of meat (chicken, steak, ground turkey and a roast)  My total before the sale was $141.59 and my total after the sale was $63.13 giving me a $78.46 saving for 55.4%.

To top it off at Sams Club 2 weeks ago I hit a 1 day sale for boneless/skinless chicken breasts for $1.52/lb and bought 2 packages totally around 18lbs and I already had some meat in my deep freezer so now I have between 75-80lbs of meat and I think it’s safe to say that with only have a family of 4 I won’t be needing to purchase meat this summer!

Yay for sales!!!


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