He Did It!

So last night I was in bed just about asleep when my husband came bouncing in (well it was more like a walking really fast with a pep in his step) either way he knows I had went to bed already and he came bouncing in and flipped the light on (WHY?!?!?!).  So my annoyance level shot straight up and I sat up and said WARN ME PLEASE! as we both hate when the other turns the light on without warming.  He was just grinning ear to ear which is so cute and so contagious that I couldn’t even stay annoyed with him.  When I asked why he’s so happy all the sudden it was because he made his first sale on his new Shopify store.

For those of you who unaware my husband launched a store yesterday you can visit it on Facebook here  Click Me!

We appreciate any likes and/or orders placed!  Also, we will be starting a “like, comment, share” contest with 4 winners get to pick their prize from a selection we made.  If you want to read my post from yesterday you can click here If You Can…

A BIG thank you to anyone who visits and likes our page!



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