If You Can…

Ok, so I don’t advertise business stuff on here like basically ever, but my husband just launched his 1st shopify store and I am so proud of him that I wanted to share with you all.  If you have a love of “geeky” things or Superheros than this store is for you!    I would never consider myself a “geeky” person until I saw this store, but I’m in love with so much of this stuff!  I keep trying to sneak and order it LOL!

If you want to give it like on Facebook you can find it by clicking HERE

If you want to check out what we have to offer you can click HERE  or simply go to  www.maythegeekbewithyou.com

All orders come with FREE SHIPPING!   We are also keeping prices low compared to other stores offering the same type of items!

If his store picks up some business and starts generating a regular profit then I’ll be launching my own store, once I figure out what I want to offer lol  SOOOOO many ideas!!


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