The Perfect Present!

Yesterday was my mother-in-laws birthday.  For me, she is the hardest person to get a gift for.  If there is something she wants she buys it for herself, which my husband is the same way also!  So I decided I would make her present this year, and I spent sooo many hours on Pinterest looking for ideas between gifts and cakes.

After about 6 hours of off and on Pinterest surfing I finally figured out what I would do for her.  I made her an “edible arrangement”.  I have never tried that before, so this was my first attempt and a real learning process for me.  In the chaos of shopping for the stuff I forgot to think about the base and such so I kinda had to wing it.  I felt iffy about the end result but her reaction  made the 3 hour process worth it!  When she saw it her eyes bugged out and she was like “NO! NO! FOR ME!!!!”  followed by “You are getting so talented!”  Totally made my week!

We had to chase her down at a restaurant to give her the gift before she had to leave for work. After which we took my father-in-law home with us since she wouldn’t have time to take him home before work.  After all the excitement my husband looked at me and was like you’re so happy aren’t you and I was like did you see her reaction?  It was perfect!  He was like did you know she’s always wanted one of those?  I was like NO!!  I would have done this years ago, if I had! LOL   Here’s some photos!



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