Harambe the Gorilla

I’m sure by now those of you who reside within the US have heard about the gorilla that was shot in the Cincinnati Zoo.  If you have not heard, well then sit back and continue to read.   Last week the Cincinnati Zoo had a record number of guests there and a 4yr old boy climbed into the Gorilla exhibit which from what I’m reading was 15ft (ish) drop.  Here is where all the commotion starts.  People start questioning why he was not being surprised and that his mom is to blame… yada yada yada.  I’m sorry but people saying this at least who have said it to me do NOT have kids of their own.  My kids are 3&4 and even just yesterday my oldest yelled “Mom, I have to go potty!” while we were outside and I looked over and told her “Ok start walking to the front door and we’ll go in” then I turned back around to tell my 3yr old we have to go inside so “sissy” can go potty and she was gone!  I started panicing and ran around my van looking for and after about 15-20seconds I found her running down the alley that runs behind our house (our parking is behind our home) chasing a bird and ended up being about 4houses down from ours!

I won’t share the video of the boy in the gorilla exhibit because I personally can’t watch it.  This boy was not severely injured.  However the zoo keepers immediately called the gorillas out of the exhibit which the females complied but Harambe would not.  He was protecting his herd (I think thats what you call them).  Male gorillas are classified as Class 1 Mammals which is the most dangerous (along with lions ect) and have the strength of 10 full grown males combined.  For example have you have tried to use a hammer to crack open a coconut?  Gorillas can squeeze it with 1 hand and smash it open.  Another zoo keeper who had worked many years with Gorillas watched the video and anaylzed Harambe’s behavior and she believes it was more the crowd yelling and screaming that was stressing Harambe out and causing the behavior “intimidation”.

Now I am a animal lover and even as a mom I understood why he had to be shot.  I did question why they didn’t tranquilize him and after him and after it being explained that if they did it may have took 5-6mins to kick in and the gorilla and the boy were both sitting in the moat and they didn’t want Harambre to drown or fall on top of the boy and drown the boy.  If he did get tranquilized and was out of the moat and continue dragging the boy around he could have severely injured or even killed the boy before the drugs kicked in.   The zoo acted in the best way they could to protect that child and I respect them for doing so.

I would also like to ask why so many people are freaking out over this event with a gorilla being shot to protect a child when people in America don’t blink an eye to the 3000 abortions happening every day here.  All this going on all over social media made me think back to a conversation I had about a month or so ago with my cousin.  She asked me if I was prego with a child and told the child had down syndrome or any disabilities or even told he/she wouldn’t survive would I terminate the pregnancy.  I didn’t even have to think about before quickly saying “NO!”  She was really surprised.  I told her I believe the God will never give us something we cannot handle.  I believe that EVERY child is a gift from above.  I also said I would rather grieve the loss of a child that didn’t survive than to deal with the guilt of taking the life  of my child.  I’ve seen/heard/read about sooo many stories that parents were told to terminate because there was too many issues and then the child was born healthy with no issues at all.



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