Tracing Attempt #1

So my girls asked if they could do some tracing sheets today and noticing that their book was filled up I decided to make some real quick (meaning I wrote them out sloppy)  of their names and decided this is a great day to start teaching them on how to use a pencil (proper hold and such) and well, my results are below.

Trinity, my 3yr old turns out to have better hand control than Miriam, my 4yr old.  This was surprising to me because Miriam is the one that loves to color and draw and use stencils.  My goal is to have them writing their names, letters and numbers by the fall.  Is this too much?  Maybe, but at 3 & 4 yrs old it’s more than what the preschools around here are teaching and a big reasoning for homeschooling my kids is to push them to achieve higher than what the public school system requires.

I also realized being a left-handed mom and both girls being right-handed isn’t so easy when trying to show them how to hold their pencil because I naturally hold it “incorrectly” according every right-handed teacher I had.

Here is their first attempt at holding a pencil correctly and tracing their names.


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