Mixed Up Madness!

This looks like a nice ad campaign photo for retail right?

As someone who is in a bi-racial marriage and has bi-racial children I took great offense to what someone had tweeted about this.


How does having a bi-racial family have anything to do with gender neutral bathrooms?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  What does this have to do with pedophilia acceptance?  NOTHING!  Pedophiles come in all shapes, sizes and colors, just because a black woman is married to a white man means nothing!

My mom was concerned for any future kids I would have being in relationship with a black man (he’s 3/4s black and 1/4 hispanic so more of a lighter brown).  I was shocked that she would say that because her niece has a mixed daughter and being a Christian we shouldn’t judge.  I was in my early 20’s at the time and for the first time since rebellious teenage years I actually stood my ground and told exactly how I felt about that.

Not only is America a place where basically everyone in the world comes to for a chance at freedom, it’s a giant mixing pot of culture and different nationalities (because we hate to say race, in our eyes the only race is the human race).  I asked her if she knew that in the Bible Moses married an Ethiopian woman, which she did not.  I went on to tell her the story.  Moses family did not approve of the marriage because they were different nationalities, but Moses didn’t care because God told him to marry her.  When his sister spoke against their marriage God himself came down on a cloud and punished her with leprosy.

How is it thousands of years later and we still have this problem?  The funny thing I’ve experienced personally with racism, it’s not the white people who are prejudiced against the black, but vice versa.  When my husband and I drive through inner city neighborhoods where its populated mainly by black families we get stares a lot.  Why can’t we all just love one another?  We’ve had friends on vacation in Florida who tried to make friends with some little black boys on the beach and their mom flipped out that they were talking to white kids.  This stuff is ridiculous people!  We need to swallow our pride and teach our children to love everyone regardless of the color of their skin.  My daughter is 4 and noticed her familiy is different colors over a year ago.  We talk often on what color everyone is, and my mom still thinks that I shouldn’t do it, but my mother-in-law agree with us talking about it.  I want them to know everyone is special in their own way despite how they look.

I don’t normally show pictures of my children but because of all the hate against mixed families I’m going to today.  Mixed children are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!


And one of my husband and myself…it’s the only one I could find at the moment… the flash makes him look lighter than he actually is, I however is just as white as I look LOL!




2 thoughts on “Mixed Up Madness!”

  1. Your kids are beautiful! Ignore the haters. One of the reasons I love living where we do (DC area) is that there are so many blended families, and such a varied mix of people. When our neighborhood kids get together it’s like a UN meeting – a great place to raise kids. Hang in there, you guys are the new normal.

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    1. Thank you! There is actually a lot of mixed couples around here. I took my girls to the park a few weeks ago and there were 5 other mixed couples with their kids. I love the DC area! We visit Alexandria every couple years. It’s funny because my husband has 5 younger brothers and 4 of the 5 (the youngest is only 14) are all with white women. So were a whole mixed family. His family holidays are like UN meetings lol white, black, spanish, mexican and asian.


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