Target to Target #2

Ok, my first post Target to Target on this matter got only 1 comment, 6 likes but had almost 400 views.  I know this is a very controversial topic right now.  What I just saw really infuriated me.

If it’s not bad enough that a local store manager was asked about the new policy and her response was “All our bathrooms are now gender neutral, men can go in the womens and women into the mens.”  This manager didn’t anything about them identifying as the opposite sex or anything, just that if a man wants to use the womens restroom he can.  THIS IS WHERE THE PROBLEM IS PEOPLE!   This opens a whole new door for sexual predators!  They don’t even have to be cross dressed.  They can just walk in to whatever bathroom they please.


Girls DO NOT need to walk into a restroom and see men using the urinals.  I mean this is taking it to a whole new level.  If anyone hasn’t realized this between my first post and this one, this to me has nothing to do with transgendered people to me, my concern is how this opens up the door to sexual predators.


Sorry saw that on Facebook and got a laugh out of it….

Here’s a youtube video of a man doing an experient of cross dressing and walking into the womens restroom.  Sorry about the language….

Bathroom Experiment

I also feel that is restraunts and other stores are going to jump in on this then they all need to offer “family style” bathrooms, for those of use to feel unsafe and/or uncomfortable with sharing the womens restroom with men and vise versa.

If anyone wants to sign the #BoycottTarget petition by the American Family Association here is the link!  #BoycottTarget


6 thoughts on “Target to Target #2”

  1. I am SO with you on this issue sister!!! While our country is sleeping, sooooo many of our foundational and moral principles are fading….FAST. This is extremely disheartening to me as a Christian, as a mom, as a former teacher…as a human. We have to catch these issues before they get to this point. The TV shows, politicians, celebrities etc… have been subliminally inserting these subtle ideas as acceptable. And low and behold, we look up and here we are…and there’s not enough people that haven’t bought into this to raise a real protest. Fortunately, I believe in prayer. I am confident that in the end the light will outshine the darkness. I appreciate your post. Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you. 😊

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  2. A urinal in the women’s restroom? They want these women and men to use the restroom they “identify” with, correct? This is a joke. Women “sit” to go potty, and if you are a man that wants to be a woman, you should have to “sit down” to go too. My children are older, but I dread the day they have to explain to their little girls, why “women are standing to pee” in public restrooms . Still praying…………

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    1. Right?! It’s so sad what this world is coming. I was just reading a Dallas location just had a “trans” woman caught taking pictures of a 13yr old girl and the girl saw the phone peeking from under the stall and ran out to her dad who held the door shut til the police arrived. This man had over 700 photos from the past 5months of young girls in bathrooms. He is facing several charges and will be a registered offender but I wasn’t even surprised reading it. I send the article to my husband and told him this is exactly what I said was going to happen. Where we will they are trying to pass a law that everyone who offers public restrooms must offer a family style restroom as well, praying that this bill passes.


      1. The “Dallas” incident does not surprise me either. In order to keep my children safe (and myself) I will not be shopping at the locations that allow men in women’s restrooms and vice versa. At some point, I will probably not be shopping at any location due to the changes. What is this world coming too? We need to pray for our children. The future looks horrible…

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