Target to Target

There has been major uproar on social media since Target made their announcement about who can use their bathrooms.  Yes, I am a Christian; Yes, I don’t agree with gay/bisexual/trans lifestyles; No, I do not discriminate against them just because I don’t believe in the same things as them.  I have had many “lesbian” friends when I was younger and working in retail.  Once I left and started my family we lost contact, I actually lost contact with pretty much everyone in life at that time.  My family became my priority, and continues to be, which is why I’m so against Target.  I have 2 daughters and I DO NOT take lightly to their innocence or safety.  I read this Open Letter to Target today on a blog “From Martha to Mary” HERE, or you can just keep reading as it below also.

I will openly say I’ve been a victim, and I will do whatever it takes to protect my children from going through everything I went through.  I will also add that I have 2 fathers, a husband, and 6 brothers who are extremely over protected, some being miltary and all having a love of guns.  Mostly,  I just pray that God will protect my babies from all of this.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a woman. I am a frequent shopper in your stores. I am first and foremost a mother. Your recent change in policy of who you allow to use each restroom concerns me. You stated in your blog post, “We believe that everyone…deserves to be protected from discrimination and treated equally.” and “…you’ll always be accepted, respected, and welcomed at Target.” As a business owner, I do understand your right to make a stance as a company. As a parent, I will never understand why you would trade the safety of our women and children for the sake of not hurting  feelings.

I realize that everyone needs to feel accepted, loved, and wanted. I know the struggles of a person struggling to find their identity. I also know that as of September 2012, a Gallup poll showed that approximately 3.4% of Americans identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. If, for argument’s sake, we assume that those groups are of equal representation in that number, that would indicate that of the American population, only 0.85% of Americans identify as transgender.

Let’s also look at other statistics, taken from RAINN.ORG:

1 in 6 women will be the victim of attempted or completed rape in her lifetime.

1 in 9 girls under 18 have REPORTED being the victim of sexual assault.

1 in 53 boys under 18 have REPORTED being the victim of sexual assault.

These numbers factor out to being 16.67% of women, 11.11% of girls, and 1.89% of boys.If anyone is allowed to “claim” an identity of a gender not their own, they will have unlimited access to anyone they so choose. A woman could claim to “identify as a man” and YOUR little boy could become 1 in 9 in an instant.

A man could claim to “identity as a woman” and have instant access to myself and my daughters. BAM. I am 1 in 6 and my little girls are 1 in 9.

You have taken the FEELINGS of LESS THAN ONE PERCENT of our population into account  and in one swift statement told the entire country that the safety of our vulnerable women and children is of no concern to you or your staff.

I have questions:

How can you ensure that the people entering the restrooms of the opposite gender are, indeed, of the “gender persuasion” they are currently claiming to identify with?

Are you willing to send your wives and daughters into a restroom that is occupied by another man and trust that he is who he says he is? How about your son with a  woman?

How should I handle an instance where my two and four year olds see a man’s private parts and I have to explain a) why she saw his genitals and b) why is in a women’s restroom long before they should ever have to consider such adult matters?

And, lastly:

WHY are you willing to forego the physical safety of the many to appease the internal struggle of the few?I’ve never “boycotted” a company based on political views. However, I will refuse to use a company for the safety of my children.Target, you have lost a loyal customer because you have betrayed my trust. My children’s safety comes first.


Source: An Open Letter to Target: Regarding your New Restroom Policy


9 thoughts on “Target to Target”

  1. I am also a Christian. I do not agree with the lifestyle either, but it is not for me to judge. However, this has been a discussion in our home. We have 4 teenagers, who are able to “go potty” by themselves and I am scared for their safety. This opens up a new door for predators. I have not shopped at Target since the “gender based signage” incident, and will continue to NOT go. Thanks for your post! I pray that God will protect all our children.

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    1. I rarely shop at Target anymore. I’ve only been once this year and it was only because we were given a gift card at Christmas. There’s been a lot of people in our local mom’s group on facebook talking about men and even a duo of a man and woman following moms with small children through stores and into the parking lot in the large shopping areas around here. My girls are 3 & 4 and so far I’ve been blessed to not have to take them out by myself other than like doc appointments. I do all our shopping after my husband is home from work. It’s just crazy to me how easy they are making it for predators to prey.

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      1. I am always shocked with the “new” things that keep happening in our world. But then again…I am not. We were warned about these things in the Bible. My prayer is that God protects my children and loved ones as this world gets worse and worse. Thanks again for your post. Most of us Christians aren’t saying much lately in fear of retaliation; well, I’m not saying much. I’m happy for people like you that say what the rest of us are too afraid too say. I love forward to your posts and thanks for the follow.

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      2. You are welcome!
        Romans 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth;to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.


  2. Oh yes! I am not ashamed of being a Christian. I just cant believe that when we do stand up for what WE believe (you know, because everyone else is standing up for THEIR beliefs and we have to listen to it) that others get upset and say we are judging. I have seen reporters lose their jobs, businesses lose customers, families tore apart and so on… just because they are standing up for their belief. ……Blessed are those who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven! Matthew 5:10

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    1. That to me is gross as far as sanitation goes and the line would be ridiculous. I actually think everyone should offer the “family” bathroom. I don’t take my kids shopping with me because using the bathroom with 2 toddlers can be tricky especially with stores who tend to make their stalls on the small side.


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