Do I Care….?

Anyone else have toddlers that don’t shut up? LOL

My kids today have asked literally thousands and thousands of questions.  Like I called my husband and all he hears is our kids asking a billion questions and I just said “Babe… seriously… this has been my entire day”  He asked if my walls were closing in on me yet.

The Lord sure answers prayers because I’m reaching a breaking point  and my mom called and asked if her and my dad can come get the girls and take them for ice cream.  I was like YES PLEASE YES!  My mom was like, you a little stressed there, are you?  I was like I just need 30mins of silence.

After they pulled away I realized it’s dinner time… I haven’t fed my kids dinner and Grandparents are now shoveling the ice cream in them.  Do I care?  NOPE, because my house is silent, my husband will be home in the next 20mins and he is letting me go hide in our bedroom while he deals… I mean plays with/handles… the kids.

The fact that my mom wants to take them to ice cream means a lot to me.  Not just because I get 30mins of silence to regain my sanity, but rather she’s carrying on a tradition with my kids that meant so much me as a child.   Countless times my grandparents picked me up to go get ice cream as a child and after my grandpa passed and grandma moved in I would take her for ice cream.  So it’s a very special thing for me.



One thought on “Do I Care….?”

  1. I remember those days. Mine were great until I got on the phone and then they would ask me things like. “Is your eye color green?” How many toes would be too many toes?” “Are we going anywhere?” ‘I’m hungry”. 30 minutes is just long enough to regain your sanity…. AND miss them.

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