“No Mom….NOT you!”

My mother-in-law suggested I start really writing down everything my kids say & do because it would make a hilarious book or comic strip.  So while it’s hard to find pen & paper in my house because it’s like gold to these kids and they hide it and keep it all from me I decided I’d share this story on here.

My husband and I decided before we even had kids that we were going to home-school them.  I know the stereotype you may think, but that’s not the case at all.  As parents we try to feed our kids healthy and encourage them to play and get enough exercise.  We do this because it’s our responsibility.  Well, we feel like our kids education is also our responsibility.  At least until they are out of high-school, then they can choose college or not.  Where we live the public school system is below average to average at best.  The private/charter schools still are not to our standards because we attended them and know the curriculum offered and we won’t put them in a Catholic school.  So we found Abeka, which is a faith based curriculum that is considered “hard” to most people because they really push the kids to reach higher academics than others.  I love this program already just researching it, especially since they are against common core which I just hate.

Anywho, my story is about my 4yr old daughter, Miriam “Miri”.  On Saturday she came into the room with a backpack all ready to go.  I asked her where we are going and she responded “To school”.  So I said “Ok, lets go to the table…”  She then got very serious and said “No Mom,  out the front door to a REAL school, with a REEEAAAL teacher…NOT you.”  Now mind you my kids are not stuck in the house away from socialization.  We have an activity every day of the week just about.

Sunday – Church then to Grandmas to play with Cousin Kaleb
Monday- Gymnastics
Tuesday- Playdate
Wednesday- Park date with Aunt Emmy & Baby MJ
Thursday- Zoo (with different friends each week)
Friday- Playdate
Saturday- Rest and/or Family Day

So I told her “1) It’s Saturday, there is no school today.  2) Your in panties, you have to get dressed to go out of the house” She then got this look on her face and said “Ohh… I don’t want to get dressed…”  I chuckled and said “3) is you have to get your hair brushed.”  As soon as I said that I hear Trinity, my 3yr old yell “Don’t bwush my heeeer”.  Miri then responded with “I think I’ll stay home.”  I was like yea, because you are SO not a morning person to begin with.  We don’t function well  before 10am.

These kids crack me up with the stuff they are saying now.  Miri was just talking to Trinity and said “Whoa, thats CRAAZY”  LOL


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