We Believe

When I was prego with my 2nd daughter friends of ours asked if we believed in the Holy Trinity: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost.  We replied happily that we do.  That question stuck with us while trying to figure what we wanted to name our sweet precious daughter.  We agreed from the start that we both wanted Biblical names, nothing super common like Abigail or Mary.  Our 1st daughter we named Miriam Adele which complied with the Bibical part but she was also named after my late grandma who passed away the year before and she meant so much to me.

We talked and we decided we would name our 2nd child Trinity Faith because our faith is in the Trinity.  My mother-in-law was quick to point out that “Trinity” is not actually in the Bible and my own mother made it clear that she didn’t like the name at all.  We basically told them oh well, it’s her name.  It may not be actual words in the Bible but it represents our faith in God so much.

I overheard my mom talking to another relative about Trinity.  I heard her say after she told me she didn’t like the name she felt so convicted.  She said she was so honored that I named my first after my grandmother (which my mom never told me this so it meant so much to hear it because their are over 75 grand (great grand and great great grand) children and non of them have my grandmothers name.  She felt convicted that she was against me naming my child after God.  If she felt so honored that named my daughter after grandma then she should be more honored that I would name my child after our Heavenly Father.

Later on that year after Trinity was born one of my favorite bands growing up released a song called “We Believe” that has a line that goes ” We believe in God the Father, We believe in Jesus Christ, We Believe in the Holy Spirit”.  That song is one of my favorites and I feel tied to that song like I’m tied to my daughter.  It’s like that special connection that people can’t explain.  I’ve linked the song below 🙂

We Believe


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