Whole Foods or Aldi’s

My favorite grocery store Aldi’s, is making headway!  Some people have looked down at me for shopping there because it’s not the “high end” grocery store.  It’s a store my mom always shopped at growing up and my mother-in-law shopped it as well in both the USA and Germany.

I have visited a Whole Foods and it is out of my budget.  Aldi’s although it’s mostly private label and nothing really that is “name brand”.  It does offer non-GMO, organic, MSG and Gluten free food.  All which, stays within my grocery budget for every month.  I find many great deals at Aldi’s.  Over the fall/winter months I was able to grab 3lb bags of Red Delicious apples for only 99cents!  I also recently scored eggs before Easter for 79cents/doz.  I am able to buy my coconut oil there for a 1/2 the cost of the local “big name” grocery stores.

Another reason I love to shop Aldi’s is because the stores are small.  There’s not a lot of extra aisles of processed foods to walk through.  I can pretty much say my local Aldi’s is 4 aisles.  Eating healthy is made so much more simpler when I strictly shop at Aldi’s.   Feel free to click the link and read the article on how Aldi’s is becoming Whole Foods biggest competition!

Check Out Whole Foods New Competition!



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