What If?

Tonight I found out that someone I never met was killed in a car accident with her mother-in-law.  When I was younger I did meet her parents.  They have spent the majority of my life out of the country spreading the Gospel around different parts of the world.  This is weighing so heavy on my heart at the moment. My parents and my in-laws all have known them for 20+ years.  She was only a few months younger than me and has only been married just shy of a year and a half.

I know she’s at peace in Heaven, but the pain her parents, siblings, husband and friends & family are feeling is unimaginable.  I’ve always heard that parents should never have to bury their children.  I’ve watched both of my grandma’s bury a son, my brother had to bury his daughter this past summer and it just breaks my heart.  I go places with my in-laws and it just as easily could of been us.  That was my first thought, actually.

What would my husband do without me?  What pain my girls would have, and not understanding the situation.  The pain on my parents, it kills me to even try to think about that.  I watched my mom go through so much loss in such a short time between her dad, brother and then mother that I really think it would take so much for her just get out of bed.  It would be my kids giving her a reason to push on.  She went months without leaving the house after my grandma passed.  I finally got her to go to lunch with me and after my aunt allowed her the 3-4 months of deep grieving she stepped in and still to this day takes my mom out shopping and to lunch 3 days a week.

I guess now all I(we) can do is pray for peace and healing for everyone and hug our families all a little extra this week.  I know I will be, especially since we have family in from out of State that we haven’t seen in 4yrs.


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