Just When I Thought I was in the Clear…

Kids man, they have these super powers.  I’ve been waking up 5:30 the past couple days and it’s really annoying because we’re more of a 7:45/8am family.  I’ve been trying to take advantage of the quiet though and really get some cleaning done and even though I try and clean quietly I still make what seems to be a lot of noise and nobody ever wakes up.  After cleaning the stairs going up into our apartment and organizing around the front door I decided to get a popsicle and cool down.  Down by the front door is nice and cold and once you get back up the stairs its hot because my neighbor still hasn’t turned the heat off (she controls it for both units) even though it’s been 60’s -70’s all week. I have every window open and my a/c unit back in my bedroom window to have a fan running for air circulation because this spring rain has had the house extra muggy.

So while I’m cleaning I feel as though I’m just making way too much noise and gonna end up waking up the kids, and to my surprise nothing. I was like sweet, so I grabbed that popsicle I mentioned earlier and tip toed back to the living room to get on the computer and blog and I get the this cherry goodness opened and not even 1 minute later I hear the creaking and little feet coming up behind me.  In a “Oh crap!” moment I did what all moms do, I hid the popsicle down behind my leg and distracted her to the couch and turned a show on for her.   She saw the wrapper and checked to see if it was in there, but never noticed I was actually eating it.  LOL  This is a major win for me.

My first round of spring cleaning is just about done.  I’ll be finished with everything on my list for this week today!  YAY!  I even got maintenance coming out in an hour to fix a few things that have been buggin’ me for awhile now.    My cleaning list seemed intense, it was very OCD.  It’s the only way I can tackle big jobs without having anxiety or getting over whelmed and shut down.  I had 2 pieces of notebook paper filled with over 5o things to get done this week which isn’t so bad when you think you could do 10 things a day and be done in the week.  Well, my list has continuously grown throughout the week.  Some of things added things were easy little things and some were big tackles like cleaning out that big walk in closet for the cable man. Todays major job is one I’ve been putting off all week and keep moving back down to the bottom of my list.

Cleaning my girls bedroom.  I don’t know why I dread it so much but I do.  I broke it up into 2 parts.  This week its take all their toys out and getting all the clothes downstairs to wash because they’ve torn through all the clean clothes and mixed them up.   Our girls have a huge toy room upstairs.  They are really good about bringing their toys down to their room and before I know it I can’t see there floor.  2-3 times a year I have to really gut out their room and take it back upstairs.   They’re 3 & 4 so they are big enough to go upstairs and play together without me having to be up there and that is my goal. After I broke my ankle last year my house got out of control, it was so hard to keep up with the cleaning especially when I was suppose to stay in bed for the first 8-10 weeks after the first surgery.

Anywho back to cleaning up the rest of this livingroom and getting the kids dressed before maintenance arrives!  Good day all!!!



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