Mr. Cableman

So, after staying up cleaning til 3:30am so my walk-in closet in the living room (which is the biggest closet we have – not deep just the same width as our living room) was cleared out and then cleaning my living room up and finding homes for everything I just tore out of the closet (only putting a very small fraction back in).  The cableman came to say that our “new” modem we got this weekend when we traded in our old one was actually bad.  Seriously, I did all that cleaning just for him to swap out our modem.  *deep breath*

Anyways, at least I have a nice, clean, organized closet again.  Oh and I got my storage shelves unit out of there and moved into my dining room where I can actually use it and keep our schooling stuff and my baking/party stuff more organized.  Gotta love the apartment life and creating as much storage as we can.

So I think I know more about my cable guy himself than all the details he told me about our internet.  My husband asked how I know so much, I told him all those years of working retail made me a very friendly chatty person, but in all actuality I am very shy.  How that works together beats me but I guess that’s what makes me, me.


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