A Distraction From Reality

Cleaning up the living room and I move the a/c unit into the closet (finally) and I notice crushed food in it, playing cards and I think great… this will be fun taking apart and cleaning before we use it again and as I’m carrying it I can hear stuff dropping and sounds like there is some change in there also, but then I set it down and I hear the sound of silverware banging down.

I LOVE my kids!  There is never a dull moment, ever.

Anyone else clean for so long and then just say “Screw it” and start throwing everything away?  That’s where I’m at now since it’s going on 1am and I’ve been cleaning well, off and on all day, but really cleaning since 8:15 after my girls went to bed.  I’ve pasted the tired phase and entered my second wind, and if I stay at this pace I don’t see myself getting any sleep tonight which is just fantastic!

To brighten my mood I thought I’d share a conversation my oldest, who turned 4 in January, had with my mom last week.

Miri: Gramma, I need Pixie Dust

Gramma:  Ok!  I will get you some!

Miri: No Gramma, I need REAL Pixie Dust.  Not pretend, it don’t work!!!

Gramma: *Laughing*  Where do I get the real kind?

Miri:  Talk to Peter Pan (saying this as if she should have known this!)

Gramma:  How do I call him?

Miri:  Out the window

Gramma: Ok, I’ll try that.

Miri: Hurry, I keep jumping and hitting the ground.

I just love this child so much!  Her imagination is crazy HUGE.   Who needs Never Never Land when you have kids?  We typically live in our own little world anyways.  I get lost in her imagination so easily.  A lot of the time she doesn’t even know I’m paying attention to her while she’s playing in her own world, going on adventures and transforming into a princess for a tea party.


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