Cleanin’ Instead of Sleepin’

As my last post My Hero is Coming Home! stated, that my brother-in-law and his family are coming back “home” this weekend.  So, I’ve been trying to deep clean/spring clean before they get here.  They won’t be staying at our house, but I know they’ll be over here and I figured it’s the motivation to really kick my butt in gear.  My goals were to deep clean the living room, dinning room, kitchen, bathroom, our girl’s bedroom and toy room.  So far I got 1/2 the bathroom done, 3/4’s of the toy room and different odds and ends in each room.  So really it looks like I’ve done nothing because the toy room is in the attic so it’s an “out of sight, out of mind” room.  Oh, I’m doing all this with our 3 & 4 year old basically on my hips the whole time and add in my cousin who is 3 today, tomorrow and Friday.  Not that easy to actually accomplish anything with 3 toddlers and to top it off our internet hasn’t been working 80% of the time so there’s no TV to distract the kids for period of time.  We don’t have actual TV we rely on internet for our Amazon Fire Stick.  First world problems… right?

So, because I’m having a hard time accomplishing anything and missing having my shows to watch while I wind down to sleep at night my husband finally called the cable company… twice.  So, I’m eating my dinner while he’s on the phone with them and then he walks over and says “Technician tomorrow between 8 am-9 am, OKc?”  I agreed, thinking to myself that he’s home til 8:45 am anyways no biggie.  Then he comes back and says “Does the cable run through the wall or the floor?”  I responded “The wall….CRAP!”  and he got really concerned and then I informed that it comes in through our living room closet which is a walk in that is the width of our living room and I have been throwing everything in there and haven’t cleaned it out in over a year.  Insert the I just want to cry right now emoji.

He saw my face and immediately said, “I’ll call and cancel for tomorrow”, and I of course said “No!  I need internet.”  So currently, you can’t see my living room, dinning room and half of my hall way.  I’ve been cleaning out this closet for 2 hrs, finally got the 3/4s that he needs cleaned out and swept and then my husband says “Looking at that he probably won’t even need in here, possibly not even in the house…”  SERIOUSLY!!!  I just said, “Don’t talk to me right now.” Then started this blog while listening to my music to get in my “zen mode”.

The only good thing about all this “extra” cleaning is I’m accomplishing most of my cleaning list for the week tonight.  I’ll just have the girls bedroom, 1/2 of the bathroom, kitchen and the rest of the toy room.  Totally accomplish-able by Saturday.  I also have to find time for some laundry.  I figured that’s the least of my worries, I can hide all the dirty laundry downstairs where they won’t see it and then work on that after they leave.  Since I need to go through and swap out seasonal clothes and sizes.

Well, I guess my break is over.  Time to go find my living room and dinning room.  By the way I’m normally asleep by now :/





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