Sick Kids = No Rest

So the weather around here has bounced up to 63 degrees and then down to 30 overnight which has left my kids with nasty colds.  My girls are dramatic when healthy and boy oh boy are they dramatic when they are sick!  My 3yr old had a 30 minute crying fit because her popsicle broke.  She started crying because she wanted her sisters “pop pop” which she is not allowed to have because its actually a frozen gogurt and she is lactose intolerant.  She knows she has her own special ones that “don’t make her belly sick”.

When kids are sick there is no better reason to have a lazy day.  While being lazy I was going “pin” crazy on Pinterest.  I’ve been fooling around with the idea of starting to take my baking more seriously, like mastering recipes and techniques.  I love making cupcakes and chocolate covered everything.  I have a group of wonderful people who test my receipes and really enjoy eating all my goodies I made during the holidays.  My Pinterest boards are growing with everything from fashion to food to fortified homes, even geeky toys and party stuff for kids, to diaper cakes and gift ideas.  If you guys want to follow me on Pinterest feel free.   Click Here!

Well, time to get back to snuggling my sick babies and praying I don’t get this nasty cold!


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