On This Day

I’m sure most of you think this post was  about the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and it originally was not, but I edited it because I may not have my current life if it wasn’t for Dr King making the headway that he did.


It’s been 1095 days, 26280 hours or just a good 3 years since my baby girl was born.  Today is that special day.  12:28pm she arrived into this world weighing 9lbs 1 oz and 20.5 inches long.  She came to us exactly 1 week before her due date which is also my birthday.  My doctor was nice enough to induce me so I didn’t have to deliver a 10lb baby lol.  Delivery was a breeze, we had 3hrs of labor and just 1 push and she was here and my doctor almost missed it!


This quote is one that really hits home for me.  I am a white woman married to a black man (with a touch of Hispanic also!).   He does not want to referred to as “African American” which is why I just say black.  Ironically, so far 3 of his brothers have married white women also and then 1 is dating one and the youngest is still too young to even date.

I know back in the day our relationship would not be acceptable to most everyone, heck it’s still not acceptable is certain parts of America.  We have had trouble with close people we  grew up with accepting our relationship.  We are thankful that we have parents who do not allow anyone to put us down for being a “bi-racial” couple.  When the haters start to show up our parents are quick to jump in.  Our families have been friends for over 20years and have a lot of the same friends.

My father-in-law is a pastor, which is how our families came together.  My parents pulled us out of public school and put us into a private, church school where we started attending church.  The church we started attending was a white dominant church that had recently lost their building to a fire and had purchased another but  it was still going through renovations so we joined in with our sister church.  Our sister church was a black dominant church in the inner city.  This joining together was such a huge deal it even made the newspaper.

Our parents have never taught us to see the color of someones skin, we just saw the person.  My kids don’t see the color of people they just see the people.  They have no clue that my parents are white and that their other grandparents are black and black/hispanic mix.  They aren’t scared to play with kids that are of a different skin color. Most people don’t know my kids are even mixed, they look so white the only give away is my now 3 (sigh she’s getting soooo big!) yr old’s hair.

I’m very thankful for Dr. King making the progress he did for our country.  I can’t imagine growing up in a place where it’s not ok to play with kids because of their skin color, and really can’t imagine not being with my husband or having our beautiful, amazing kids.








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