Better Me, Better Mom

As parents we are not perfect.  We make mistakes, and we all choose to raise our kids the way we see fit.  I am a mom who struggled with breastfeeding.  Each of my kids so far have not breast fed, I pumped as much as I could then used formula, but each for different reasons.  I am a mom who does not co sleep with my children.  They slept in a bassinet next to my bed until they slept 6-8hrs a night then they went in a crib.  If they are sick we sleep together on the couch, but never in my bed.  I am a mom who lost faith in the school systems and had chosen homeschooling before my kids were old enough to even talk.  I am a mom who has yelled at my kids, I am a mom who has cried countless times because I felt like I failed my kids.

This year I’m trying to be a better me, so I can be a better mom to my littles.  I know in their little eyes I’m an awesome mom.  So this year I’m trying to have more patience, keep my cool, not feel like I have to raise my voice.  I want to do more out of the house activities when the weather permits.  I want to loose weight and gain more energy to keep up with them.

2015 wasn’t the greatest year for my kids.  During the summer I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my ankle pretty severely.  I had to have 2 surgeries and now almost 6 months later I’m still recovering.  My incision from the last surgery keeps breaking open because of swelling from the wonderful change of weather.  It keeps going from 40-50s straight down to 10 and below.  Anyone who has suffered through a break knows how the weather changing sucks so bad and how painful it can get.

This year is a year of healing.  Mentally, physically, emotionally we all need healing.  I look to God above for mine.  I want to set a proper example to my kids.  I want them to see God in me as they grow up.  I want them to know we don’t live for ourselves, but for God.  I’ve caught my kids repeating phrases we say.  Nothing foul or anything but little things like “Oh, come on!”  It opened up my eyes big time to how much they really pay attention.  Which is why my New Years resolution is to be a better me so I can be a better mom to them.   I heard this song come on my playlist today and it reminded me of my goals.


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