Holidays = Busy Busy Busy

Well, the holidays have blown over and now it’s time to play catch up on all my cleaning, laundry, organizing ect… *big sigh*

This Christmas was the first one our girls understood everything and it was a huge hit!  They loved opening their gifts but the constant go go go from one party to the next caused some tantrums.  On Christmas Eve we had to do morning baths, 1:30pm party, came home I ran to do grab the last minute stuff came back to do outfit changes and we left again to go celebrate Grandma (husbands side) birthday.  We made it home around 9:45pm.

Woke up at 6am and carried my sleeping girls to the couch to put their shoes and coats one them (we left them in their Elf jammies hehe) to go meet my inlaws for breakfast. The waitress’ couldn’t get enough of our girls it was so cute lol.  Then we went straight to my parents house to celebrate with them and my brothers family.  Back home to do our own Christmas then back to the kitchen for me to finish cooking and putting together goodie baskets to take to my inlaws at 3.

Goodie baskets were a HUGE hit this year.  I think it was the best year for them yet.  It only took about 26hrs to do them.  I was so exhausted to say the least. I spent 2 full days in my kitchen and while doing so my house was D.E.S.T.R.O.Y.E.D.  How can 2 small kids make such a huge mess in such a small amount of time?  I spent all Monday cleaning so I could focus on baking Tues/Wed and do assembly Thurs/Fri (since there were items needing to stay refrigerated.


So Wednesday night around 10pm everyone had fallen asleep so I thought it would be the perfect time to finish sorting and assembling the goodies.  I had 4 of the smaller boxes and 15 of the foil trays to make up. My cupcakes are already in boxes, popcorn balls and eggnog bread were bagged as well.  Just do get them part done I was up working non stop til almost 6am.  Then I got 2 hours of sleep before my husband had to leave for work… it was a very long holiday for me.

My goodie baskets this year included the following:

1) Vanilla and/or Chocolate cupcake(s) with a Nutella Buttercream Icing
2) Popcorn Balls
3) Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods
4) Chocolate Covered Oreos
5) Popcorn Crunch (popcorn, choc. chips, pretzels drizzled in white              chocolate and sprinkles to top)
6) Eggnog Bread
7) Chocolate Covered Marshmallows
8) Chocolate Covered Cherries
9) Pretzel kisses with P.B. M&Ms
10) Pretzel kisses with Peppermint Kisses & Choc Chips
11) Homemade Lollipops
12) Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies
13) Chocolate P.Butter Chip Cookies
14) P.Butter Cookies
15) P.Butter  Kiss Cookies
16) P.Butter Chip Brownies
17) Rice Krispy Treats
18) Chocolate Covered Honey Pretzel Twists

Wow, just typing that out made me exhausted thinking about how much work that was lol.

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays.  I’m not switching into Birthday Party Planning mode as my girls will be celebrating their 4th & 3rd birthdays in January!



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