The Dental Experience

So this past week I had my 2nd surgery to remove the 1 screw that went through both bones in my leg.   Surprisingly, I had no pain by the next day and was walking around better than before.

The day after my surgery I had to take my girls to their 1st “real” dentist appointment.  My oldest went for an emergency appointment a couple months back to take care of a chip and cavity but we were so not happy with the dentist we used.

So, trying to knock out 2 birds with 1 stone I scheduled my kids to have their appointments together.  I took my mom with me because in my head they would take 1 back and then the other.  Nope, didn’t happen.  My oldest went first and she was twisting around yelling “Get me out of this chair!!!!” the whole time which freaked my youngest out.

My youngest loves brushing her teeth, she even willingly lets me floss them.  So, up until her sister was crying she was super excited for the dentist.  While he was cleaning her teeth she was crying and trying to hold back the laughing and once we were out of the office she was like “That didn’t hurt, lets try again”.  I was thinking “seriously?”.

The dentist we used is the same dentist my mother-in-law used for her 4 youngest kids.  I was excited to get into his office after a 2 month wait.  I mentioned before my oldest had a cavity that we had to get taken care of prior.  I tried to get her in this office and they wouldn’t bring me in.  2 weeks after I scheduled there appoints the cavity spread over to the next tooth and the bottom of her tooth chipped.  So, when they asked about the filling I told them and he questioned why I didn’t bring her in so I explained to him I tried and they wouldn’t let me come in on an emergency slot or a cancellation.  Needless to say, he wasn’t happy at all.  He asked me to come back and let him fix the filling because frankly, it’s jacked up looking.

The cavity was on her front teeth and her 1 front tooth is crooked and overlapped the bottom corner of the other one.  He told me her tooth is crooked and overlapped because she has an extra tooth, which I had no idea so good to know lol.  So when he handed the file to the receptionist and told her he wants my daughter back he included “Make sure it’s in a reasonable amount of time….this time.”


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