Sleep…what’s that?

My girls will be turning 3 & 4 next month (January).  Now my oldest spoiled me as a new mom and was sleeping 8hrs a night before 6wks old.  My 2nd child however didn’t sleep that long until she was closer to 10 months old.  Now that they are toddlers/small children I thought my sleeping would continue to get better before having another child.

I was soooooo wrong!  They seem to wake up throughout the night crying they have to go potty (knowing they can get up and go by themselves) or they need a drink.  I’m starting to think they are evil children who think it’s fun to keep me awake at all hours.  If I try to sneak to sleep early before the kids and tell them if they need anything ask their dad, HA!  They refuse to ask him for anything…. must be nice LOL!

I saw this video today and it just made me laugh, now it might because I’m sleep deprived for days and have been fighting illness for a month now but I thought I’d share it for all my sleep deprived friends out there.


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