Christmas Entitlement

Kids these days are very entitled and I refuse to allow my kids to act this way. So, with the holiday season here in full bloom I’m trying to take advantage of teaching my kids to be thankful and grateful.  My girls will be 3 & 4 next month.  This is the first year they are really understand Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I’m trying to teach them that Christmas isn’t about getting presents, but it’s Jesus’ Birthday.  I want them to want to give more than they want to receive.

This year, I’ve been doing a craft with my girls everyday.  We’ve made popcicle stick snowflake ornaments, foam snow globe things, cinnamon ornaments so far this month.  I want them to get excited for giving so I ask who they want to give it to, which usually always is Grandmom.  I want to also teach them that hand made gifts can be more special than something bought at a store.

In our house we don’t do Santa Claus.  My girls know about Santa from watching Christmas episodes of their shows and such, but my husband and I agreed from the start that we will not “do” Santa.  They also know that Mommy & Daddy are the ones who got them their presents.  We also agreed to not go crazy with gifts because we want to teach them that it’s not all about presents.  “It’s not about what is under the tree, it’s about whose around it” –  Charlie Browns Christmas

Now most kids have a long list of things they want for Christmas, I’m happy to say so far each of my girls have only asked for 1 thing.  My oldest wants a camera and my youngest wants the Baby Alive Brushy Brushy doll.  I was happy about my oldest wanting a camera because I had already purchased one this summer at a local mom & pop store that was having a huge toy sale where you could fill a rubbermaid tote for $20.  I only filled one but I crammed that thing so full with stuff for my kids, nieces/nephews and for prizes for a church VBS.  The camera I got my daughter is called a “Projection Camera” by Playskool and if I did the math correctly I paid about 65 cents per item in my tote and that camera retails on Amazon currently for $175 so I was so excited!  I was able to score the baby doll for under $20 also, which was awesome because it’s sold out everywhere or the prices have more than doubled and sometimes tripled for this doll.

We decided a couple years ago our kids would get 3 or 4 gifts and their stockings (no candy) and that is it from us.  My aunt gives me and my girls “Countdown to Christmas” where we get to open a gift everyday of the month of December til Christmas, and we also get Christmas presents from her.  My parents tend to go a little crazy with presents also, so we decided to keep it simple in our house.  Christmas with my in-laws is also a few gifts for the kids and that is it.  I actually prefer Christmas at their house because it’s about celebrating with food, laughter and Phase 10 rather than presents.

We don’t buy for everyone in our families either.  I mean we buy for our kids, nieces/nephews and our parents.  Now we financially cannot afford to buy for everyone which is why I’m a deals shopper who shops most of the year for Christmas with the little babysitting money I get, but because we couldn’t afford to buy for everyone back 4-5 years ago I started baking and that has turned into making goodie baskets that seem to grow in size every year.  I love baking and doing chocolate covered stuff so I really get excited for Christmas baking.  Everyone also puts in their requests for their favorites each year, so I guess they really enjoy eating all the goodies.  My aunt really enjoys it because for the past couple years at the beginning of December she brings me tons of stuff for my baking from sugar and flour to sprinkles.  This year for my countdown presents each day I’ve been receiving cookie boxes, cupcake boxes, sucker bags, fancy gift tags and I’m just LOVING it.  I’m more excited this year than ever before. I’m someone who loves to give and to have someone love receiving my stuff so much that she supplies a majority of the items means a lot.  My husband thinks I’m silly because I’m someone who really loves getting practical gifts.




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