Freaky Friday on a Tuesday

Being on the restrictions that I am due to the fractured ankle I rely on my mom and husband to take me grocery shopping. I prefer going with my mom over my husband, because well as you can imagine he despises the grocery store lol. So if I’m desperate I can convince him to take me after church while we have some kid free time, but if I’m not super desperate I wait for a Tuesday or Thursday which are my moms free days.

So while feeling like an old lady in one of the motorized carts around I see my mom pushing my daughter in the really cool police car shopping cart. I’m waiting at the deli counter to be helped when my mom walked up with my daughter. The nice woman at the deli asked “May I help you?” and my quick witted 3yr old responded “Yes! I need a treat!” I chuckled and placed my order while I hear her say “Grandmom where’s the suckers at?” I explained to her the suckers are at the other grocery store. She asks because she is use to going with me to our bank which is inside another grocery store. So while I’m placing my lunch meat in my basket and trying to maneuver around the other shoppers I hear my mom saying “If your good, Mommy will buy you a big doughnut!” I just looked at her and said “Thanks MOM!”

Finishing up my shopping list I hear running and car sounds and I thought to myself geez why are there kids running around at lunch time during the school day and then I see those “kids” run past me and the next thing I know out of my mouth comes my mother “You guys better stop running in the store!” Yea, those “kids” running in the store was my mother racing my daughter around in the police car shopping cart. While part of me is like she’s just the best grandma, that looks like so much fun, my mother side is embarrassed.

It’s funny how we never want to be like our parents as teenagers and we always say when we have kids will not do/say the things our own mothers said/did. Well, I’m proud to say I’m just like my mom. I open my mouth and my mother comes out without me even realizing it. Seeing my mom and the love she has for my kids and how that has brought out her inner child again is just so awesome. I’m blessed even if my parents have changed their views on discipline because its not their child, its their beloved, can’t do anything wrong, perfect grandchildren lol.


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