My Worst Fear…Maybe Not

So last week I was peeling 5lbs of carrots to prep for the coming meals. In the process of peeling my kids had snuck carrots from the “prepped” pile and the next thing I know my 2 (almost 3) year old started choking. I started patting her back and she said “I’m okay” and I stopped waited for a few seconds and started back to peeling and then I hear her start choking again, I grabbed her and gave her the heimlich a few times. She was covering her mouth and wouldn’t let me see and then I saw the carrots in her hand and then the puking started. She puked 3x between our kitchen to the bathroom. I got her cleaned up and calmed and I just held her trying not to cry.

You see, she was diagnosed with a swallowing disorder when she was about 5wks old. I was told she wouldn’t be able to eat solids until she was the age she is now, by many people praying her swallowing disorder was gone before she was even a year old and has led a healthy, happy life since with no scares until this week. I’m so very grateful for not having to experiencing that more often that we have. The thought of something happening to my baby girl is just gut wrenching.

Speed up to today, I walked – by walking I mean hobbling along with my crutches- into my kitchen to find my sweet child holding a mouse! *HEART ATTACK* I screamed bloody murder which caused her to drop the mouse and both my girls to run out of the kitchen. I hid a poison tray behind the bottom drawer of the kitchen cabinets last fall when the cold hit and those little boogers tried taking up residence in our home. The mouse was still alive but looking like it was dying and twitching a lot. I got it trapped in a koolaid container and then my girls trying to see it let it out and i screamed, threw my phone (called my mom to try and calm down) and my girls went running again. So I got it back in the container and put it in a grocery bag and tossed it out a window onto the roof of the empty building next to our home. Cloroxed the floor had my girls wash their hands like 10x with lots of soap. Took me about 30mins after that to finally calm down.

My freak out over the mouse was so much worse than when she was choking. When choking my “mom mode” kicked in and I just leaped into action and didn’t have time to emotionally react like I did today. The way my girls act, one would think I actually have boys rather than girls. They still do tea parties and dress up but they love digging in dirt looking for bugs and apparently catching rodents. Regardless of what they are doing, they sure are keeping me on my toes! Life is definitely an adventure with kids!


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