Update & Lesson Learned

Well, a quick update on me since my surgery. I’m finally healed up, the incision has closed all the way and now I have about 4 more weeks before my next check which will hopefully be good news that I can start to put weight on my foot again and get to steppin’!

As much as this injury has sucked, it has helped in so many ways. My husband and I are closer than ever, my kids are smarter than ever and learning to be “helpers” and helping clean up their toys and such, which at 2.5 & 3.5 they should be helping do anyways. I’ve learned that I cannot do everything, and it is OK to ask for help. I’ve learned to slow down and take things 1 day at a time. Overall this has taught me patience, which is something I struggle with.

My husband asked my daughter if she wanted a baby like her new cousin, and she said “No, I want 2!” So, I guess I better get started on that! Would be a nice surprise for our parents for Christmas. I’ve never had to “try” to have a child, I was blessed with 2 amazing “surprises” lol. In all honestly we have been “leaving to God” for over a year now without any luck. So time to get things rolling. First on my list is to get some ovulation tests, and a organic fertility supplement and see if this helps. I have to say if I’m blessed to give my daughter twins I really would like boys and then I will have my 2 girls and 2 boys and I will done lol.


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