I’m Officially Screwed Pt 4

   Got up my stairs after about 10-15mins along with my husband and dad’s help.  Got my butt in bed, got my leg elevated and was ready to eat and take my 2nd percocet.  My husband got the girls in and settled down, and I fell asleep.  I woke up a few hours later and my husband came to bed early to lay with me.  While he was posting a Facebook update about my surgery, we realized it was our 4th Anniversary.  What a way to spend it!

   The rest of the week was a blur, I slept through most of it, which was nice because when I was awake I was in pretty bad pain.  Taking 2 percocets every 4 hours only dulled the pain.  Sunday came and he took the girls to church where his Aunt asked if we needed meals brought over.  He was so relieved because he doesn’t cook.  Our kids were living on nuggets and frozen pizza and what produce we had in the fridge. So we nice home made meals brought over for the next week and my husband returned to work, our moms took shifts watching our girls so I could continue to sleep my days away.

Tuesday, September 1st has arrived and it is time for my 2 week post op check up.  I asked my mom to take me while my mother-in-law watched the girls.  So 1 thing I found funny was every time I go to the orthopedic office the nurses double check that I’m seeing Dr. Bagheri.  I thought it was weird, it walkways seemed like such a surprise.  I found out he’s their leading spinal surgeon, so its rare for him to have any other patients.  I felt special in a weird way, lol.  So I get my splint off and went to get x-rays.  Came back and the doctor can,e in to show me the x-ray. I had to get that extra long screw that was discussed so now I’ll be having a 2nd surgery mid November to remove it.  He was happy with the healing thus far and gave me shower privileges, along with taking my air cast off to work on movement after the kids are in bed. I got my stitches out, was told not to put any weight on it before he sees me again in mid October.  My mom wanted it noted that he looks too young to be a doctor. Here is my latest x-ray.



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