I’m Officially Screwed Pt 3

Surgery Day!  The day seems to be dragging but flying by at the same time, if that makes sense.  We get the kids dropped off and are at the hospital by 11am for 1pm surgery.  I was scared and nervous, I won’t lie about that.  I was to the point of breaking down to tears wanting to just hold my babies.  My husband who is my rock was right there holding my hand til they told him to leave while they pushed me down the hall for surgery.

Now I’m pretty sure every member of that surgery team came in to introduce themselves to us while we were waiting.  The first doctor to walk in shocked me to the core and I was in panic.  It was the bad doctor I saw the Friday before who gave me the bad diagnosis and told me everything wrong.  I was freaking out.  He marked my leg with SE so they knew which leg to cut open because the stinking, swollen, and covered in bruises wasn’t enough of a hint. LOL.   A second surgeon came in to introduce himself and I was like oh great Dr. Bagheri isn’t here!!!  Then about 10minutes later Dr. Bagheri showed up.  I was like I am SOOO happy to see you.  He looked confused as heck because who wants to be cut open lol.  I told him the bad doctor was just in here marking my leg.  He was like Oh, he was! Dark hair and skin and I said YES! I’ve been freaking out that he’s doing the surgery and he assured me he himself is doing the actual surgery but bad doctor would be in the operating room assisting him.

So after an hour delay I was being rolled back to surgery leaving my husband behind to play the waiting game I played for him last year for his appendicitis.  I wasn’t asleep right away, I moved myself onto the operating table, talking to everyone in the room but “bad doctor” he wouldn’t even look at me.  Something tells me he got in some trouble for his misdiagnosis.  Which to me is good, he needed to be corrected.  I had a lot more damage done that what he said.  I woke up in extreme burning pain about 20mins after surgery.  I was up, took my percocet, ate a couple crackers and was given my papers and sent on my way.  I asked my husband to stop at our favorite mom & pop place to grab burgers and fries for dinner.  It’s what I have been thinking about days now.  So he did, and then of course when i get home I have about 20 stairs up the front of the house and another 30 to get up to our 2nd floor apartment and to top it off it started raining pretty good and my mom showed up with our girls.  So much chaos at once – at least when you haven’t been awake for even an hour after surgery yet.

To be continued…


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