I’m Officially Screwed Pt 2

Monday is here and I called to register for surgery, talked to one woman and answered a few questions and then another woman called to do the full registry.  A few hours later my husband said there was a voicemail from the doctor about surgery to call.  There was no number to call so I called the woman who did the full surgery registry with me and she said there was no issues I was still on for Tuesday at 9am and to disregard.

Tuesday morning at 6:30am I am up trying to get my kids dressed while they fight me to go back to sleep.  My husband is getting their bag packed for Mama’s (grandma) house. We are out the door and on our way to drop the girls off and head to the hospital.  I get to the hospital I go to the surgery welcome center and I’m told I’m not scheduled for surgery today.  Then after lots of confusion I’m sent to pre-surgery for testing.  This is a 10min walk to another building connected to the hospital via a bridge.  I go there and I’m told I should be across the street prepping for surgery. I got annoyed, but didn’t say anything and the woman was like is something wrong.  I was like yes, I just came from there, I was told to be here.  So she started calling everyone she could to figure out what in the world was going on.  After about an hour of confusion I left to go home and sleep and come back tomorrow for surgery.

As soon as we pull into our drive way the phone rings.  It’s the doctors office saying they need me in the office today to meet with a new doctor.  My surgery has been switched to tomorrow.  I was like I know, I just came from the hospital.  I was so pissed off at this point.  I was starving and had nerves all night for surgery.  Now I knew I was going to be going through this all again tonight.  But worse, now my surgery wasn’t until 1pm.  No eating or drinking after midnight.  Eating that’s fine whatever but no drinking, that’s crazy.  I’m a human sponge, I drink lots and lots of water and tea.  So I told my husband we have to go back to the hospital that afternoon to meet this new doctor.  At this point my husband is annoyed because he’s using up all his vacation time to deal with this and now its another day he has to take.

Later that day we were on our way back to the hospital to their orthopedic center.  I met with Dr. Bagheri, I immediately loved him.  He is a doctor who sits down and explains every detail to you and lets you get all your questions and concerns out and gives you the time you deserve.  He’s not rushing you out the door.  This is characteristic within a medical professional is very important for me.  So he had them take an x-ray of my good foot to reference it to the bad one.  He told me I did a lot of damage.  He showed me the x-rays, which no one else had before.  I didn’t just have 1 clean break in the lower fibula I also had 2 spiral breaks up the fibula and a fracture going from the outside of my ankle all the way around to the inside across both the fibula and tibia.  I tore all the ligaments and tendons and my foot no longer was connected to my ankle/leg. So that caused a large gap on the right side of my leg between the foot bone and the tibia.  He explained surgery and that I would probably be getting 6 screws but maybe more and a plate.  These screws would be permanent and there was a change of a really long screw going through both the bones being put in, but that wouldn’t be determined for sure until he was in surgery and could see the damage first hand.  He drew me this lovely diagram to give me an example of what I could be looking like after surgery.



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