I’m Officially Screwed!!! Pt 1

Monday, August 10th, 2015 at 7:00 PM my husband asked for a pair of pliers.  I went upstairs to my drawer and found some inside this trifold leather packet thing that’s suppose to be in the car.  He was in the process of re-keying our front door (yes, he is a bonded locksmith) and I was going down the stairs to hand him the pliers while looking through this packet and he had a box of lock pins sitting on about the 5th step up from the floor.  This wooden box weights probably 10-15lbs.  I didn’t see it so I ended up kicking the box and I dropped straight down which would of been fine if my foot hadn’t been stuck so when I dropped I landed with my leg bent backwards and my foot under my butt and slid down the stairs.  Ouch!  My husband, who knew without turning around what just happened, stopped what he was doing and started putting the lock back in the door so we could get the kids to my in laws and take our what seems to be yearly trip to the ER.

I knew it was broke without looking, it’s not the first time I broke a bone.  I didn’t even cry, which was surprising to most people.  So I’m stuck on the step in my PJ’s our girls are upstairs running around in panties with crazy hair and I’m hollering up the stairs where their clothes are for him to dress them and to get me something more appropriate for leaving the house in.  We go to the ER – one which I’m not a fan of because our regular hospital no longer accepts our insurance – STUPID- anyways they were pretty good at getting me back quickly for x-rays and to be seen.  However they were busy and took 3 of us back at once and mixed up our rooms, our files and entered our info wrong.  I was told I had a clean break at the lower fibula and it was set so I would get a splint and call the orthopedic clinic the next day to make an appointment for a cast and to have them double check the x-rays. Until then, I have to stay in bed and keep it elevated.  I laughed and the doctor looked at me funny, and I simply said I have 2 toddlers this will be a major challenge. She looked like she felt horrible like she knew what challenges I have ahead of me, that I didn’t even know.

So I called the office on Tuesday and they scheduled me for that Friday.  I go there and I am taken back to the room, a student came in (oh my favorite!) and talked to me, asked questions (the usual)  and then a resident came in and did the same thing ( getting annoyed) and she sent me for more x-rays and gave me the scoop that either I’ll be casted or booted aka air cast depending on if surgery is necessary or not but from the previous x-ray it won’t be.  I got my x-rays and then the student, resident and doctor came in to talk to me.  I knew it wasn’t good so I was like I’m getting surgery aren’t I? The doc looked confused and started asking questions and I was like can you just tell me if I’m having surgery and he responded with “You’re stealing all my thunder” I laughed and I was like sorry, but I need to know, I don’t like to tip toe around things.

He said I would be getting 2 screws put in for 3 months and then they would be removed.  He said it was still just the 1 break that they told me about in the ER but in the x-ray my foot “opened up” which meant I tore all the muscles & ligaments off the bone so he wanted to put the screws in to help the healing process go smoother.  He told me I’d get a phone call that day or Monday to schedule surgery.  I got the call and surgery was set for Tuesday, August 18th at 9am.  I just needed to call Monday and register for the surgery and we would be all set.

To be continued…


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