That’s just not Fair!

Trying to explain to a 2 & 3 year old that they both don’t always get to do everything together, has not been very easy.  For my 3yr old anytime we are doing anything I have to explain it to her like an episode of Dora the Explorer.  For example yesterday we had some errands to run, our day went like this ” Doctor, Store, Fry Fries, Grandmas House!”  She will repeat it a couple times to me and then as we accomplish each thing she updates me on what is left to do.  My 2yr old, however does not grasp any of it yet.

Now that my MIL is out of school for the summer she is taking her youngest son bowling every Tuesday morning and takes 1 of my girls with her each week, rotating them every week.  Today my FIL joined them, and my 2yr old was not happy that she was not going this week.  Total meltdown and I resorted to bribing her with a Ring Pop to get her to calm down.

Now my girls are use to going with my mom or MIL by themselves on Sundays but they know that the other one is going to the other grandparents house, so they are ok with it.  I want to teach them young that they have to take turns have special time with grandparents and/or aunts/uncles.  So far I feel like I’m doing pretty good, this is the first week my 2yr old cried about not going.  My girls are so close in age (less than a year apart) they are like twins with most things.  I want them to be independant and not feel like they have to have the other around to do stuff.

Does this make sense?  What ways have you taught your kids about taking turns for special time with friends/family?


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