The Day has Finally Come!

The baby shower I’ve been planning for the past couple months has finally come!  Despite all the drama thrown at me, and the fact that my SIL’s mom took over the shower once it started, everything went off pretty well.  Not as many guests showed up as I would have liked but it wasn’t a surprise since my SIL’s mom pissed most of the off.

Over 4th of July I helped decorate for my husbands grandfathers 80th birthday surprise bash.  After the party I was approached by his Auntie to let me know she will be calling me for the next party needing planned and suggested I go into business for myself as an event planner.  I was flattered and didn’t think much more into it.  After the babyshower I was told by a dozen people that I should be planning parties for a living.  My mom didn’t care for the encouragement on the business adventure because she has to hear every detail of what I’m doing since we talk everyday lol.  After talking to my husband I’ve decided to start my own event planning business.  My SIL’s Aunt has already asked for my information to plan her grandaughters 5th birthday.

I’ll post some pictures of the baby shower to share with you 🙂   11760127_10155781596285177_697850861625968360_n 10996237_10155781596405177_7264985082955053957_n 11756488_10155778591870177_2086541302_n b36b1c738497f3da59bf80115e514be8 (1) 11759070_10155769748400177_1901080455_n 11758917_10155769757160177_1989750022_n 11756553_10155769753325177_1240789275_n 11122395_10155769756685177_1450061252_n (1) 11739559_10155781467680177_1219123351_n 11125421_10155781467710177_1305289382_n 11739640_10155781467580177_62543277_n 11774652_10155781467760177_993350157_n 11774731_10155781468080177_713726761_n 11693224_10155769753765177_1877849441_n 11748572_10155781467640177_1398333980_n 11231020_10155781597810177_4026919132922040506_n 11134201_10155781465900177_731748266_n 11733353_10155766201360177_730874789_n 11733499_10155766201620177_1620637822_n 11737091_10155766201415177_205116776_n 11745443_10155781597195177_2130460289204621741_n 11742667_10155781596470177_1452821531667937204_n 11759472_10155766201310177_658940531_n 10154026_10155781597755177_6759380179446016083_n 11694145_10155781597690177_2300084295897208734_n 11224484_10155781597565177_1745778189345532370_n 11221411_10155781598075177_6433801424576132446_n 11760252_10155781598125177_3424897251962434623_n 11739684_10155781465835177_986566860_n 11739576_10155781468255177_1472117273_n 11751354_10155781465665177_939770104_n


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