Learning to Manage Hair

So I’ve slowly (like snail speed) been trying to teach myself how to manage my daughters hair.  With them being multi-ethnic ( I refuse to say “race”)  they are mixed 50% white, 37.5% black, 12.5% hispanic and totaling 100% American 🙂 .  Now with my oldest, managing her hair hasn’t been a real challenge she has more “white” hair.  The only difference with her hair is that it doesn’t get greasy, it gets dry and so we add oil to it.  Her hair won’t stay in corn rows or any of those type of styles.  She prefers her “princess braid” which is just a french braid.  The nice thing about her hair is that it finger curls perfectly!  I’ll post a photo of the finger curls I did with a cute little hair style.
10637605_10203444432369316_1115983339_n 10583687_10203444432609322_1462035114_n 10613870_10203444432529320_1766141626_n 10620906_10203444432809327_823333955_n

My youngest daughter has more ethnic hair.  Its a very dry, frizzy, curly, hot mess LOL.  Here is a pic of her hair right after I got done combing it out.  Her face is removed for privacy reasons 🙂Trin Afro

So, I thought my mother-in-law would be more helpful than she has when it comes to helping me learn about how to manage her hair.  She has taught me some but nothing like teaching me to cornrow and such.  My sister-in-law grew up being the only white girl around so she has helped me with what products to use and not to use and encourages me to experiment and such.  She can’t be hands on though because she lives in Germany right now while my brother-in-law is stationed there.  With some of her advice I was able to find a line of Olive Oil products that have been helping a lot.  I’m still teaching myself to cornrow, but I have the rag curls down, and with proper product help finger curls.  I’ll post a pic showing the difference in her hair from when its just natural and when its finger curled.  Now I’m trying to find headwraps for them to wear at night so their hair doesn’t get messed up.

10904378_10204619892035073_1041746190_n 10156956_10204619892235078_72536864_n 11118866_10155395897990177_1900076183_n

I’ll post more as I learn to do more hair styles 🙂  For now here’s a link to the website of the hair products I’ve been using.  I use both the regular and organic line along with organic coconut oil.  https://orshaircare.com/en/our-products/olive-oil-girls/


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