Breakfast Burrito Win!

My 2yr old has been a super picky eater thus far.  It’s to the point she refuses to try anything and says “Bluck I don’t like it” before she even tries it.  Even with food she normally loves, like corn on the cob.  So this morning I was making myself a breakfast burrito ( been craving one for a few days) and to my surprise she asked for one and LOVED it!  Win! She wouldn’t eat it with the veggies in it but she ate something new and even came back for seconds!

For her burrito I did, scrambled eggs, maple sausage and cheese on a soft taco shell.

For my burrito I did scrambled eggs, maple sausage, cheese, red peppers, yellow peppers, orange peppers, red onions, and spinach.  I warmed the onions and peppers up in a pan before adding them on.  IT was so yummy and even tasted good with a little bit of salsa on it.  Yummy!

I think I found our new Saturday morning breakfast to start rotating in so were not indulging in pancakes or waffles every weekend.  🙂  This makes me one very happy momma!


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