Does anyone else home-school?  We’re starting to home-school our girls.  To be honest the public school system around here sucks major.  The private school system is crazy expensive, so we’ve decided since we are responsible for our children we should also be responsible for their education.  Now as far as grade school goes we already know what curriculum we’re hopefully going to be using.  It can be a little pricey, but we chose a Christian curriculum that is also advanced when compared to other curriculum along with the public school system.

I want to start our girls in preschool this fall.  There is a nice preschool literally right across our street but to send both my girls there I would be paying over 300/month and we just don’t have that kind of money.  I was looking at putting our girls in dance or gymnastics and was shocked to see how expensive those were as well,  lets just say its cheaper to put them in preschool than dance lessons.  The price of things are just crazy these days and I wonder how anyone can afford any of it.

I know once they get into Kindergarten and such I will have to put them in something, but for now we’ll just pray about how were going to afford this.  I hate how the educational system does the least they can do.  My girls are 2 & 3 and they are learning to speak Spanish from my mother-in-law who is currently taking it in college.  They are catching on so quickly.  Why not encourage our kids to learn as much as they can?  These young years is when they can learn the most.

My goal is for both my girls to be able to speak Spanish fluently by Kindergarten and hold a conversation with their Great Grandpa who is half Mexican and half Spanish. Then we will move on to Italian since Spanish is the base language for that.  I want to be able to take my kids on trips and teach them things the school books won’t.  What better way to learn than to make it fun?  Visiting the places would spark more of an interest in them rather than just reading about it in a book.  My girls are already showing soo much potential already.  I just want to give them the best education I can.  Now to just get our home business off the ground and have it become our main income source would be amazing lol.  Can’t wait to travel!


3 thoughts on “Homeschooling”

  1. I was homeschooled from second grade to highschool graduation. The real trick is learning to let go of the idea that your children have to do this and this and this in a day. A lot of assignments given in public school are just busy work and can kill the love of learning. Also, do some research on learning styles and try to identify what you’re little girls learn best with. I always learned by reading and writing, so I was easy to homeschool. A younger friend of mine struggled with my method of learning, however, because she needed something hands-on to remember.

    Anyways, good luck on your homeschool journey! Just connect with me on Twitter or something if you have any questions along the way.


    1. I went to a private church school, we used the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum so we just did 3-4 pages a day in each work book, and then extra classes like art, gym, ect in the afternoons. My 3yr old is more of a visual & hands on learner. I’ve been having her do preschool apps on my tablet and does awesome with them and then the education shows have taught her to count to 20 and sing her abc’s, learn her shapes and colors. Shes become quite the puzzle solver. My 2yr old, learns from watching her big sissy, and big sissy tries to teach her lol its cute. My 2yr old just doesn’t have the patience yet, she gets frustrated easily with things, even just playing the games of the tablet, if it freezes or she can’t get the answer right she just gets mad. So I know thats something she will outgrow but I’m trying to work on the temper she has. I’m also trying to work on making a schedule for the preschool year, what things we will work on what days, i know my 3yr doesn’t have a long attention span so i try to work with her in 15min-20mins increments


      1. Well, they’re still young. It sounds like you’re working hard to help them learn while doing so in a fun way!
        P.S. For some reason WordPress reset my primary blog to one that is no longer updated. Please follow if you want to keep up with my blog posts.

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