Food Product Review: Fiber One Fruit Snacks

Ok, so if you’re not a parent this topic will probably seem gross to you.  There are times my girls get really constipated.  This is another reason why I’m eliminating processed foods along with fast food.  So far my kids pretty much only get fast food if their grandparents get it for them, rarely do we ever buy it.  Well, I half way assumed they would have these constipation issues, their dad has struggled with it as well.

So on days when I realized its been 2 or more days since they have gone last I try to make sure they go that day.  Now my husband and I share a car and since he works everyday I am not able to run to the store to pick up stuff needed for my spinach & fruit smoothie my girls love.  I’ve tried apple juice and it just does not do the trick anymore.  So, looking for something I could keep on hand for them I was able to find a product.  Now this does goes against my elimination of processed foods, but it is so worth it.

Fiber One makes a fruit snack.  I bought a box to keep on hand to give them as necessary to see how well it works.  Let me tell you, I will always keep a box of these on hand.  Both my girls went within 45 minutes of eating it.  Their system was kicked back into gear and they went everyday for the next week without any problems.  I keep these in the cabinet above the fridge so they don’t see them and try and sneak them.  They didn’t notice a difference in the flavor or anything.


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