Healthy Options for Kids

My girls have become picky eaters to say the least.  Getting them to eat good, healthy food has been a real struggle lately.  My 3yr old is pretty much stuck on popcorn & pasta aka “sp-getti”. Now thankfully, she loves a good salad so at least I know she’s getting some nutrients.  I make my salads with baby spinach instead of lettuce.  My 2yr old, on the other hand is all about nuggets and “fry fries”.  I try and avoid fast food places with my kids altogether.  If they get it, its usually from Grandma.

One thing I have found that works for my girls is smoothies.  I started making myself a spinach & fruit smoothie in the mornings as a meal replacement and my girls LOVE them!  I have been super stoked about this because I know they are getting a full days worth of vegetables, since I go heavy on the spinach.  I try to pick out fruits that have better health benefits and that are no super sugary.

I usually make enough so there is extra and then I pour it into ice cube trays or popsicle molds and freeze them for a nice cool treat to enjoy later.  I have found some yummy receipes on Pinterest as well as just experimenting on my own.  I’ll post the current favorite of theirs below 🙂

2 handfulls baby spinach
1 cup blueberries
2 apples (cored, I leave the skin on)
1-2 bananas (depending on size)
2 cups ice
Water to blend as necessary

I’m working towards eliminating processed foods from our lives.  I’m trying to create a healthy home for my girls, its being done in baby steps.  I wasn’t given this growing up, and my weight shows.  So currently I’m working on becoming a healthy mom, providing a healthy enviroment for my kids.  I don’t want them to struggle the way I have.

A good eye-opener about providing healthy options for your kids is a documentary on Netflix called “Fed Up”.  It really opened my eyes and I was very quick to clean out my pantry after watching it.


9 thoughts on “Healthy Options for Kids”

    1. Is there a specific flavor that your son doesn’t like? My girls were hesitant at first, but my mother-in-law does them as well so they are more open to it now. It seems like whenever I try to get them to eat anything they automatically don’t like it, but if my mother-in-law introduces it to them they like it.

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      1. I would start with something basic. Like if he loves bananas try a banana, orange and pineapple or just strawberry and banana. Pinterest is great tool for finding good flavor combinations especially with kid friendly recipes 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the tip when I have to struggle with a picky eater! Plus, it wouldn’t hurt me to eat more fruits and veggies, either. 😉 I love the fact that you included a sample recipe in your blog post.

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    1. Thank you! I’ll be exploring new recipes now that produce is back in season and will definitely be posting my success and failures with them. All different kinds of recipes, not just the smoothies 🙂


  2. Processed food is so bad for little children! Look at all the chemicals and the stuff they put in the food to make it last longer….. I wouldn’t want my nephew eating garbage.. I would what m to eat organic things like berries, grains and veggies.

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    1. It is horrible! I try to feed my kids organic, non processed foods as much as possible! I was just reading a study about how all the added hormones are causing early puberty in children. The last thing I want is my girls having to grow up faster than necessary. I couldn’t imagine having to explain a period to a 8yr old. It’s just wrong. Children deserve to keep their innocence as long as possible.


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