My Husband is No Longer Superman

Ok, so from my last post 1 Year Ago: Part 2 , we are now jumping ahead from 4th of July to early September.  I know I said it would be October, but I forgot about this lovely event.  I had to rush my husband to the ER on a Wednesday evening when he got home from church.  He was doubled over in pain, and I have never seen him like this before.  Of course, being a man, it took me a while to get him to actually go.  He thought he could “tough it out” at home.  Well, we get to the ER and before we knew it he was being taken back to get a CT scan and finding out he has appendicitis, so around midnight he was finally admitting and up in his room.  So I came back home to get some sleep and check on my brother-in-law who came over to watch our girls (who were already asleep when he got here).

Next morning I woke up and called my mom to see if she could watch the girls while I go back to hospital and see him before his surgery.  So, I made it back to the hospital before he was taken back.  Our hospital has a screen you can watch to see the progress of the surgery, (beginning, finishing up, recovery ect.) with a patient ID number (no names are shown for privacy reason) well, I’m watching that screen like a hawk wondering why its been over an hour and his number has yet to show up. So my father-in-law in the mean time showed up so we went downstairs to have lunch while we waited.

After awhile my father-in-law had to get back to work so he left and I still didn’t see his number on the screen so I thought I’d run home and get some of his stuff he requested before he went back so I went and asked a volunteer about his progress so they called back to the OR and I was told his was just finishing up, they never put his number on the board because it was considered an emergency surgery, so they were bumping people back to get him in.  So after about nothing 15 minutes I was able to go meet with his surgeon and discuss how everything went and what recovery will be like.

My favorite part of this situation (if there has be a favorite) was the drugs he was on.  He was so hilarious, even in the ER when he was on morphine.  I was cracking up, I think that is the only bright side to these types of situations. He doesn’t remember much from the day of and after surgery because he was doped up pretty good.  On the second day after surgery we were given to go ahead to be released.  So, he had the next week off work, which I think he should have taken 2 because he was in more pain then expected, the surgeon told me they had to go through a lot of muscle to get it out.

So the next couple weeks were hard.  Mainly because it’s hard to keep your toddlers off you, or not pick them up and stuff like that.  Well, it took about 6 weeks but he finally made a full recovery and admitted to me that he thought he was untouchable, like Superman.  Things were back to normal and life seemed like it was perfect, but that was short lived.


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