1 Year Ago: Part 2

Finally got home, walked into my home and about went off on some people.  I had notes everywhere saying “If you dirty it, clean it” ect…  The bipolar “K” went on “cleaning spree”.  I’m sorry, I know she’s bipolar, but she refuses any/all help.  If roles were reversed I would have stepped up and took over all the responsibility for her.  Not leaving notes for people.

Thankfully while in the hospital my in-laws showed up to visit.  I had a nice long talk with them about needing my house back.  I had like 2 weeks to find us another place and get packed up and moved.  I couldn’t do all that with all the extra drama in the house.  “K” kept running away to have an affair with “P”s cousin, because he supplied her “medicine” to her.  “P” was an emotional basket case to say the least.  I’ve never seen a 30-something year old be as emotional as a teenage girl.  So my in-laws agreeing with me decided they would handle this situation for me.

So after I was done throwing away every single note laying around my house, I quickly showered and got my girls ready and we all went to church.  I know I should be resting up since I just got out of the hospital, but honestly, I just wanted to see my family and church family and worship my God, because without His help, I don’t think that pesky doctor would have released me. lol
After church my father-in-law (he is also the Pastor) started talking to “P” & “K” and “K” went off on him swearing and screaming and took off, and “P” stayed calm and listened and understood.  Regardless, they were not out of my house and staying with “K”s dad and “K” was staying with friends.

So now my next mission was to find us a new place to live and finish packing up the house.  In the midst of packing up the house I also had to pack up all “P” & “K”s stuff because they never came back for it, until like 2 days before our move.  They even left the cat, with no food or anything.  I was so pissed and told my husband NEVER EVER again will do this.  While they were staying with us we spent a good amount of our savings on them.  In a matter for 4 weeks we blew through almost 2k bucks on them.  We literally had enough left to move and that was about it.

So on the 4th of July, we moved into our new home.  Even thought its a duplex, it was bigger than our last house and the kids actually had a play room to store ALL their toys along with another room I could use just for storage.  YAY!  We took a break and had lunch with my in-laws and then swapped out brother-in-laws so we could have some fresh meat to help finish the move.  After some convincing from my father-in-law we got the truck for 1 more day and moved the rest of the stuff the next day.  I was very OCD with this move.  I labeled every box and as the boys brought it all in I carried it to where it needed to go. which made it so I had this place unpacked in only a couple days and by the end of the first week in this home, we were unpacked and settling in nicely.

My next post will fast forward to October, just 3 months living in our new home.


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