1 Year Ago: Part 1

*Long Post*

“For everyone wondering why I’m in the hospital and need prayer, here it is. I have been having fevers for 9 days now. Woke up Monday in severe pain, came to the ER, and I have what they are calling a rash. This rash is worse on my arms, hands, legs and feet, it its also on my ear, face, chest, back and stomach. The rash is spreading and getting worse everyday. My white blood count is growing everyday, which shows infection growing. I’m in isolation, and have an infectious disease doctor and his team trying into figure out what is wrong. The rash comes with swelling and extreme pain, its almost to where I can hardly bare the pain for the few steps to the toilet and the swelling on my hands is bad to where I almost cant grip silverware to feed myself. All I know is preliminary blood work showed negative for staph infection, it is not shingles and there are a crazy amount of test orders written, some having to be sent out of the hospital. The infection s not in my blood and we are waiting on results from an echo to make sure there is no infection in or around my heart, I’m asking for everyone to pray for answers.” 

10437232_10154235264155177_1270214677_nThis time last year we were living in a small 2 bedroom house that was about 750sq feet.  My husbands friends have hit a rough patch in their life and became homeless so we told them they could stay with us for a bit, along with their 3 kids and without our knowledge, their cat.  The cat had to stay out of the house though, due to allergies.  What we thought was a couple days, turned to weeks.  Through all this the mom, “K” had a mental breakdown and became bipolar.  So, “K” was bipolar, “P” (the dad) had quit his job because “K” told him to “Stick it to the man”, and 3 extra kids in my house.  Can you imagine the stress?  Well, to top it off the land lord let our home go into foreclosure and the Sheriff was the coming Friday.

Somewhere between 2-3 weeks into this situation I became sick.  Assuming it was just a spring cold I just ignored it.  Then the fevers started to kick in, and severe body pain.  One Monday morning I woke up at about 5am in extreme pain.  I tried to sleep a few more hours until my husband was awake.  I literally got up and went and sat in the car because I wanted to go to the doctors.  We dropped the girls off at my in-laws and then I decided to go to the ER because the doctor wouldn’t be able to get me in right away and I was now having a hard time breathing, coughing up my lungs.

Got to the ER did the paperwork and was brought back within minutes.  As soon as they got me back they started stripping my clothes off which I was started flipping out because well I don’t like my clothes to be ripped off me especially with men in the room just standing around and watching.  Thankfully my husband was there and stopped it,  unnecessary men were removed and the 1 needed was to turn around until I was covered up.  While the nurse was taking my clothes off she pointed out that I was cover in a rash from my neck to my ankles.  I had no clue I had that I literally didn’t even get dressed that day.

Sitting in the ER, my mom called the hospital in a panic and demanded to speak to me. I had blood drawn a few times, the nice lady from the lab had a hard time getting a vein because I was so dehydrated.  I had asked for water but I was told no until they had an idea of what was going on.  I had a chest x-ray done and by noon they were admitting me into a room because they had no clue what was wrong with me.  The chest x-ray was to check for pneumonia, after I told them my dad had it recently, and I was in contact with him before he went to the ER for it, but that came back negative.

I got a room to myself,  for about 8 hours before my new roomy showed up.  She was a pleasant one to share a room with.  She was having problems with her “lady business”  nothing like listening to the OBGYN examine her and listening to the screams along with the puking, and BONUS here, getting to share a bathroom!  So my new doctor came in to check on me the next morning.  He was the infectious disease doctor.  He said that title kinda loud for all the hear.  Within an hour I was being transferred to a private room because my roomy complained that my doctor was for infectious diseases.  My nurse said her boyfriend/husband demanded she get a private room, well that backfired on her lol.

I was put basically into quarantine, but at least I got a private room out of it.  My kids were not aloud to visit me, which was the hardest part of this whole situation.  I have never spent more than 2 nights away from my kids, and this was only for a anniversary getaway we went on, but at least then I had my husband.  My husband was still working a minimum of half days, taking care of our daughters and friends.  I really only got to see him for a little bit in the morning before work and in the evening on his way home to give me a sponge bath, before he had to pick up our girls and get them home and into bed.

I was having blood cultures done twice a day, day after day being told they have no clue what is wrong with me.  I had ultrasounds done, more x-rays, nothing was giving us an answer.  So on Thursday the doctor walked in and asked for my permission to check me for HIV.  Can you imagine my reaction?  I have been with my husband for 6 years at this point, I was like HOW?  How, could I have gotten HIV?  He basically said I had a few symptoms that go with it, and its a last ditch effort to figure out whats wrong.  So I gave him my consent and then paged a nurse to come to my room.   I was blessed with an amazing nursing staff that week.  These nurses popped in to just sit and chat with me and make sure mentally and emotionally I’m ok.  My one nurse had to leave for vacation and she asked my permission to have a nurse text her as soon as they know whats wrong because shes going to be restless until she knows I’m ok.

So results came back, no HIV – PRAISE JESUS.  Talking with the doctor I told him I really feel like this really is just pneumonia.  He said the problem is the rash I had covering my body, and the chest x-ray showed no signs of pneumonia.  The rash was not going away.  By this point some of the things I had been tested for besides HIV, included measles, staph infections, other types of infections, and really anything the doctor could think of.

On Thursday evening we found out that I did in fact have pneumonia.  It was a rare strand of it called “Mycoplasma Pneumoniae”.  This specific type is a molecule size so it does not shop up in the x-ray, it actually is only found when it is specifically tested for.  Well, since we found out I was started on the big daddy antibiotics that rarely are seen according to the nurse and told that if I didn’t spike a fever I could go home Saturday.  Well, Saturday came my Primary Doc came in to see me and the the Infectious Disease Doc gave him the ok to send me home, but my Doc decided I needed to stay.  I was devastated to say the least.  So Sunday morning is here, and he still wants me to stay.  My nurses were chasing him down the hall begging him to let me leave, the other doctor said there was no reason I needed to stay here any longer and after some tears and major convincing he let me go home against his “better judgement”.  I was so happy, my girls were in the car when my husband got there and I couldn’t have been happier to see them.


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